Kids do-it-yourself wooden keepsake box.

This is a great gift either complete or as a kit.

Kids can make these mini pirate treasure chest shaped desktop boxes from scratch, or you can cut the wood ahead of time for the youngsters to assemble. You can use hot-glue or small finishing nails to assemble your Treasure Chests. Most youth take around 30 minutes to assemble one from pre-cut pieces. The record time is 5 minutes using hot-glue.
Treasure Chest
Parts List   for one Treasure Chest
267¾" ¾";about 3/8" Slats
25¼" 2½";¾" Rectangle sides
25¼" 2½";¾" Half circle sides
These are very small pieces, so a woodworking shop or furniture factory in your area may be happy to donate plenty of scrap wood for this project.
They may even have some long strips of scrap 3/4" by about 3/8" so you only have to cut the lengths of the slats.
Treasure Chest Assembly Instructions
Step 1 For the bottom, hot-glue or nail the ends of 7 slats to the long edge of a rectangle side.
If nailing, drill 1/16" dia. pilot holes, and use small 3/4" length finishing nails.
Be very careful with hot glue and hammers and nails. Hot glue is much quicker and easier, and you can always drill and nail it after.
Step 2 Attach the other rectangle side to the opposite end of the 7 bottom slats.
Step 3 Tip it up so that the front of the Treasure Chest is up.
Attach 4 slats for the front, making sure that the top edge is flush with the edge of the rectangle sides. The last slat can overhang the bottom depending on the thickness of the bottom slats.
Step 4 Turn it over so that the back of the Treasure Chest is up.
Attach 4 slats for the back, again make sure that the top edge is flush.

There, the bottom half is finished.
Lid Step 5 Attach slats to the half circles, starting with the front & back, and evenly space them out as you work your way up to the top of the arch.
The bottom edge of the lid must be flat, that is the lower two slats must be flush with the flat edge of the half circles.
We do not cut any kind of angle on the slats to try to get them to fit snugly. Just space them evenly around the curve.
Treasure Chest Step 6 Place the lid on the box, and stick duct tape across the back to start making the hinge.

Treasure Chest Step 7 Open the Treasure Chest, and put another piece of duct tape over the inside of the open joint, and press down the edges.
If you like you can use mini hinges from the hardware store.

All done!
Are looking for a fun gift that they will keep using a long time?

Do you want to keep cost at a minimum and impressiveness at a maximum?

The finished Treasure Chest is about 7¾" wide by 6" by 6" high.

Do you want to let them have the fun of making it?

Give these Treasure Chests as contest prizes for your Halloween Treasure Hunt! They are great for keeping Halloween goodies in. Or instead of hunting for the treasure, the kids could put the treasure chests together as a party activity Or If you assemble the treasure chests before hand, the kids could decorate them during the party with stickers and markers.

Here are links to some online messages that people wrote about our treasure chest plans.
Here is an idea to turn our treasure chest into a Jewelry Box, by adding a felt lining. How about using it for real buried treasure? Mac calls it a "scrap stick" box. They recommend using a glue gun rather than white glue on the treasure chest. Here, among others, our treasure chest is given as a personal Xmas idea.

Give homemade treasure chests as Christmas presents to everyone this year. Every time they use it or look at it, they will remember that it was your thoughtful Xmas gift for all of them.

Kids do-it-yourself wooden keepsake box. Make these easy gifts that your loved ones will use for a lifetime. Give them the completed keepsake box, or give them as kits for the kids to assemble.
Children love puting these treasure chest shaped keepsake boxes together, painting and decorating them to keep in their room. Kids can decorate their pirate boxes with art using paints, markers, stickers or whatever. Complete instructions right on this page to make Kid's Tabletop Box to keep their goodies in.

These atractive gifts look like mini treasure chests. Here are the free woodworking plans, and assembly instructions to make these nice looking wooden boxes (Children's Mini Desktop Treasure Chest) from scratch. Recycle that scrap wood into a fantastic gift. A rewarding Saturday Arts and Crafts project. Free DIY (do-it-yourself, D.I.Y.) to give as a gift. Make a keepsake by using these woodworking plans.

Turn scrap wood into a present they'll remember. Easy, simple, quick kit for an atractive, tabletop or desktop goodie box.

Cut and assemble with these assembly instructions. Full directions and steps for this project right here. A kit your kid can build. Cut a bunch of kits for all your kids, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to build. Even a child can recycle scrap lumber into a useful and interesting keepsake box following the plans on this webpage. Your niece, nephew, child or grandchild will keep and use it for a lifetime.

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