Steel Bars

There is a very simple way to make money off of steel bars. First, go to either fally east bank, or the center of varrock, and buy coal ores for 170gp each or less. Then buy iron ores for 100gp each or less. Once you have spent all your money on those (its good to get double as many coal ores as iron, because it takes 2 coal ores and 1 iron ore to make a steel bar), go to a furnace and smelt all the ores into steel bars. Doing this will cost you 440gp (or less) per steel bar you make. After you have used up all of your ores, log out and go to the world select. Then log back on, but this time go to either world 1, 3 or 4. These worlds are where the most people will be. So, you want to go to fally east bank this time. And just keep saying selling steel bars 550gp each. And you will be able to sell them easy as pie. THIS WILL MAKE YOU 110GP FOR EVERY BAR YOU SELL!!! Good luck! And keep making steel bars!

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