Grotesque Goblet     High school Art Project

Large yogurt container
Cardboard (like from a corrugated cardboard box)
Wires (about 0.5-1 mm thick, insulated - flexible enough to braid)
Copper wire (about 2-3mm thick)
Foam cup
Foam plate
Acrylic paint
Permanent black marker
Plaster of Paris strips - cut from a roll of Plaster of Paris fabric
Glue gun
Sand paper

1. Cover yogurt container with Plaster of Paris strips, about 3-5cm wide and 10-15cm long. When using Plaster of Paris, dip it in water, then put in position, and you can press it firm, smoothing out the plaster on the stripe, to fill the little holes in it(the Plaster of Paris stripe). [I didnít know to spread the plaster into the holes until after I already had a couple layers on]. Put about 2-3 layers on, or more as you see fit.

2. Mouth - bend cardboard in the appropriate places to make the shape. Insert 2 cardboard rectangles to hold the shape, connecting the inner bends, top to bottom. Cut cardboard in the right shape to conceal the supports, on both sides, making the mouth solid, having a gap of about 1-1.5cm from the edge of the mouth. Cover in a layer of Plaster of Paris.

3. Teeth - cut the foam plate in the shape to fit in the mouth. Depress the teeth with a capped pen or something else. Then outline with black marker. [I had to redo this part cause I made it smiling by accident the first time, and it wouldnít fit in good upside down].

4. Eyes - cardboard circles cut out and glue gunned on top of each other.

5. Nose - bottom of a foam cup, cut out.

6. horns - kinda tricky. I had to use masking tape to hold them in place while the Plaster of Paris dried. I had a wire (kinda a thick one) I curved in shape, then wrapped newspaper around it, and taped the newspaper to hold shape. Glue gunned wire and newspaper on to yogurt container(which is already covered in dry Plaster of Paris), and masking taped to keep it in place. Then Plaster of Parised and let dry, to hold. Then covered rest of the horn when the hold was good. Do a few layers where the horn connects to the head, so itís strong enough. Repeat on the other side.

7. Glue gun and Plaster of Paris head onto mouth.

8. Braided 3 wires together using the alternating outside strands to go over the middle strand. Glue gunned to side of head and mouth, for a handle. Repeated for other side.

9. The tongue seemed the hardest. Had thick wire for shape, wrapped with newspaper. Cut hole in teeth for tongue. Taped newspaper together to hold shape. Then wrap thin copper wire around newspaper, kinda spiraling around it, and back, leaving a bit extra on both ends (about 3cm), to insert behind the teeth, to right and left. I made a stand from copper wire to hold the tongue in place while Plaster of Paris connecting it to the teeth dried. Then covered rest of tongue with Plaster of Paris.

10. Top cover - a circular piece of cardboard with a stripe of cardboard wrapped around the edge, glue gunned together and covered in Plaster of Paris.

11. Inside head - hidden compartment - Plaster of Parised 2 cardboard pieces to inside wall for holding concealment shelf.

12. Shelf - cardboard cut in a shape thatíll fit in and over the two support, but twill tip downwards if pushed near one certain edge. Cover in Plaster of Paris. Mark that edge with a mound of Plaster of Paris on top. Sandpaper it to fit in again if necessary.

13. Paint to your liking with acrylic paints, or whatever you want/like.

14. I put little mounds of glue gun glue on the bottom for padded stands.

Mine took about 2 weeks to a month to finish, just working on it during class time and some lunch hours.

Here is the Grotesque Goblet taking a dip (pun intended - dip, goblet - get it?),
in its natural habitat / environment / ecosystem / you get the point.

It helps to draw a diagram before you start, so you know what to make it look like.

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