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Spiritual SF

Weird and Wonderful Tales
From England, Canada, USA and Brazil

"The Butterfly Collector," by Fred McGavran, Winning Story, Raymond Carver Award, 2003.
"TreeDance," by Donna Farley, Winning Story, The Word Guild Award, 2004.
"The Red Bird," by Douglas Smith, Finalist Story, Aurora Award, 2002.
"Commedia Dell'Arte," by Arthur Powers, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
"The Unicorn Cup," by Cherith Baldry, Surrey, England.
"Freerider," by Contributing Editor Steve Stanton.
"A Time for Everything," by Peter Andrew Smith.
"Call Up the Dawn," by Andrew M. Seddon.
"Symbols and Keys," by Virginia Smith.
"Angel's Promises," by Nina Munteanu.
"The Bone Road," by Ernesto Burden.
"Off the Hook," by Michael Vance.
"Nineteen: One," by Megan James.
"The Jesus Chip," by Greg Beatty.
"An Exorcise," by Shari Tiedens.
"Roach," By Neil Ellis Orts.
"Jubilee," by Steven Mills.

"Anthology of seventeen previously-published SF and Fantasy stories on Christian themes.
Authors include Cherith Baldry, Michael Vance, Greg Beatty and Donna Farley." —LocusOnline.

"All seventeen stories will find enthusiastic, appreciative readers in any college or public library. Highly recommended."
The Christian Librarian, Reviewed by Werner A. Lind.

"Eight very good stories." —TangentOnline, Reviewed by Eric Joel Bresin.

"An intriguing collection of short stories—science fiction, fantasy and more...Some of these stories are beautiful, glorious or heart-breaking. Some are horrifying and grotesque. Some are just downright strange...Sky Songs II is Recommended for fans of genre stories." —

ISBN 0-9680502-3-9 Trade Paperback 8" x 5¼", 236 pages.

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Stories of Spirituality and Speculative Science (2002)

Andrew M. Seddon Cherith Baldry Michael Vance Tom Whitehouse

Frederick J. McGavran Steve Stanton Donna Farley Colleen Drippé

Stephen G. Stiles D.J. Kolacki J. Mulrooney Vincent Strahan

John Schreiber Phil McBurney W. Mark Snowden Larry E. Neagle

“Stanton has assembled a stellar collection of rising talent...a treat for any reader who enjoys fresh, well-crafted storytelling...Highly recommended to any library that collects contemporary fiction." —The Christian Librarian, USA.

"In Sky Songs editor Steve Stanton presents 25 futuristic stories by 16 writers: four Canadians, 11 Americans and one from the United Kingdom...The anthology mixes modern themes—genetic engineering, android rights and artificial intelligence—with new twists on old standbys like time travel and vampires...Together they make for eye-opening and heart-felt writing.” —Faith Today, Canada, Reviewed by Terry Burman.

Sky Songs is a great read...If you’ve ever wondered how demons and angels sword fight, how missionaries from space would work or how surgeons would operate if they found demons in a person’s heart, then Sky Songs should be next on your reading list. I found myself more often than not coming to the end of one short story begging for more.”—Pine Bluff Commercial, USA

"There are certainly some interesting and original ideas presented in this anthology of Christian fantasy and science fiction." —Refracted Light, USA.

"These are really an excellent representation of our sub-genre. I especially liked 'The Levitation of Alicia Spencer'" (by Fred McGavran).
—B. Joseph Fekete, Publisher, Gateway S-F Magazine; Stories of Science & Faith, USA

"I firmly believe that speculative fiction is one of the best tools for the communication of Truth. Straight theology is appropriate for what it is, but by wrapping that theology up in a fantastic story, it becomes palatable for a much wider audience. All of humanity has a longing for the Truth, and when we see glimpses of it, we are drawn even deeper...Within this volume are stories dealing with a wide variety of subjects and themes. Witness tales of androids, angels, vampires and aliens...Sky Songs is Highly Recommended for fans of the genre." —

Donna Farley was the recipient of The Word Guild Canadian Christian Writing Award 2003 in the Short Story category for her story "The Passing of the Eclipse," in Sky Songs. The awards were announced June 13, 2003 at the annual "God Uses Ink" Conference in Guelph, Ontario.

ISBN 0-9680502-2-0 Trade Paperback 8" x 5¼", 268 pages.

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