Life's Work and Other Christmas Stories

by Peter D. Fraser

"Life's Work"

"Highways to Zion"

"The Plum Loaf"

"The Electric Mouse and the Christmas Cat"

"The Sheileen Manuscript"

"Christmas Present"

The Rev. Peter Drummond Fraser was a man of the word and of the Word. Wherever he served the United Church of Canada, in Saskatchewan or in his native Nova Scotia, his congregations were treated to thoughtful and thought-provoking sermons. He loved the parables, and the stories that he wrote—gifts at Christmas that are as bright as the season's wrappingpaper—have the same wonder in the small dailyness of our lives and the potential for revolutionary encounters with the divine.
Peter Fraser died, much too soon, in February 2003, and the stories in this book can be his legacy to a world that needs the gifts of laughter, tears and hope that they bring. (Excerpt from the Foreword by Libby Fraser, 2005.)

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