"St. Elmo's Torch," by Douglas Kolacki.

"Meeting Serena," by Timothy Faller.

"Living Death," by Rebecca Shelley.

"Dawn in Rwanda," by Peter Cummings Thatiah.

"Legend of a Saint," by Fred McGavran.

"Sign of the Cross," by Jon Sprunk.

Cover Art by Mark Tumber.

This issue marks the return of Douglas Kolacki of San Diego, California, for his sixth appearance in Dreams & Visions. In “St. Elmo’s Torch” he offers a historical fantasy based on the Great Siege of Malta in the sixteenth century.

Next up, we introduce a new Canadian author, Timothy Faller, a graphic designer in Pickering, Ontario, who presents a contemporary story about a chance encounter, “Meeting Serena.”

“Living Death” is a unique fantasy by Rebecca Shelley, from West Valley City, Utah, who is well known in Christian-fiction circles as the editor and publisher of the emagazine Dragons, Knights and Angels.

Peter Cummings Thatiah served as a lieutenant in the armed forces of his home country, Kenya, before opting out in 1999 to pursue a career in journalism. His story “Dawn in Rwanda” presents a sober second look at a modern tragedy.

Award-winning author Fred McGavran of Cincinnati, Ohio, is also back for his sixth appearance in Dreams & Visions with a contemporary story, “Legend of a Saint.” Fred McGavran is a Harvard law graduate who works as a litigation partner for Frost Brown Todd in Cincinnati.

And finally, Jon Sprunk of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, takes us back to the holy land during the time of the Crusades in “Sign of the Cross.”

Mark Tumber of Honey Harbour, Ontario, supplied cover art for this issue, reproduced from his original pencil drawing titled “Grey Matter.” www.marktumber.com.

"I would recommend this issue to readers who like straightforward, life-affirming messages in their fiction." - TangentOnline, Reviewed by E. Sedia.

"Beautifully produced...edited by the meticulous Steve Stanton." - Cathy Buburuz, Expressions.

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