"Thanks, Jude," by Robin A. Morris.

"The Magic of Mana Pools," by Jenny Whitaker.

"Poor Ernie," by Kathleen J. Stowe.

"Mustard Seed," by Joe Pritchard.
Nominated for the SLF Fountain Award 2005

Cover Art by Ulrich Kretschmar, Orillia, Ontario, from an original photograph taken near Baker Lake, NWT, Canada.

In dark times, the light grows brighter still.
Take heart, my friends, for no small kindness goes unnoticed.

We have four new authors in this issue of Dreams & Visions, from America to Zambia, and new life and new direction.
We believe in the power of the written word, the power to influence the human heart, the power to challenge the human mind.
It is our joy to bring you this publication, and our hope to encourage you to greater heights than you have imagined hitherto.

Be dutiful in service, and strong beyond measure.
And keep those candles burning.

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