Towards The Sea

By Gina B., age 14

The sand girl danced in the warm sun, throwing around sand and picking wild flowers. As the sand girl brushed her sandy coloured hair she felt like she was being watched.The sand girl looked towards the sea and there was a water boy. His hair blue and blowing in the breeze, a face like no other and his eyes, oh his eyes were blue, but not a normal blue but a deep heart melting blue.
The sand girl stood letting her dress flow in the breeze showing her perfect figure, her long hair and her face shining like the sun. Her sand eyes locked with his water eyes.
He came in with the waves but never leaving his water platform. She walked to him but without the waves touching her sand toes. The girl bowed her head in shyness. The water boy smiled and then walked backwards and then disappeared under the waters surface. The sand girl turned around and walked up a sand hill, then lay in the sun dreaming of her vistor.
The next day, the sand girl climbed out from her sand cave and looked towards the sea and the water boy was there. She walked over to the edge of the sea. They smiled and soon started talking. They ran down the beach together, she on her sand, he on his water.
The girl would go to sleep at night and in the morning the water boy would be waiting for her.
One night she was thinking about him and realised that they had never touched. The sand girl wondered about this for a while. She knew that their friendship was more than just friends and as she thought about it she realised she loved him.
In the morning she woke and saw the water boy. She ran up to him.
“I have a gift for you”, he said in his low, friendly voice.
“What is it”, the sand girl urged.
“Hold out your hand”, he said.
The girl did that. The water boy pulled out a blue/silver chain from his pocket and hanging from the chain was a deep blue diamond pendant. The sand girls eyes widened and her mouth opened in amazement. The boy placed the necklace in her hands, but something so unexpected happened. Since the necklace was made from water the girls sand fingers soaked up the necklace like water and her fingers dropped off and fell into a mushy pile next to her feet. The girl looked down, her fingers formed back but the sand girl was sad. The boy realised it too, that they cannot touch each other. Water and sand don't go together. The water boy, looking so sad, reached down into the water and picked up the necklace which had flowed back into the water. The water boy turned around  and walked slowly and sadly out and then disappeared into the sea. The sand girl dropped to her knees and cried sand tears.
She woke in the morning and turned towards the sea, but her water boy was not there. For days she woke, and he wasn't there. She became depressed and sad. She loved him and he loved her but he still didnt come. She sat crying one day and she heard a familiar voice calling out. She turned towards the sea and there was her water boy. His head was bowed down and he wouldnt look at her. She ran to the water's edge. He moved closer. The water boy looked into the sand girl's eyes, then kissed her. For a second they were fine but then they dropped together into a mixed pile.
The boy flowed out of the pile of sand with the tide. The girl woke and found herself alone.  Neither of the sand girl or water boy could remember what happened when they kissed. The tide was out and the boy gone.
The girl woke in the morning and looked towards the sea and there was her water boy.......
Every time the tide comes in, the sand girl and water boy meet, talk and love but never do they touch.

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