The Legend of the Golden Eye of Gota


What if you had it all, beauty, fame, money, the whole package? The only ketch is you have to give your old life up, friends, family, lovers, everything. Is it really worth it? The Golden Eye of Gota could give you this power, but the cost is your life. For years men have looked this rare stone, not knowing the horrors it would bring. For the seedily lucky ones who find strange and rare stone comes wealth and power, but in the end they find themselves friendless and deep in loneliness. All who have used the power of the Golden Eye of Gota have taken their own lives. Finally, after a man watched his brother grow mean and evil from the power of the Eye of Gota, he stole it and hide, promising to return in three weeks he was never seen again. Some say he hide the Golden Eye of Gota in a cave then took his own life to protect the secret, yet some say that he himself came under the power of the stone. But will always be a mystery where lies the Golden Eye of Gota.




Chris--AGE ??

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