It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

“It was a dark and stormy night.” . . As Halloween came nearer, a town
near by quickly spread with fear. There was a legend that every century,
a giant, harry, drooling, blood shedding, creature would always come out
to shed its terror amongst everyone. It was often talked about at this
time. Especially, since this very day was the start of a new century,
meaning that if the legend was true, there was a deadly creature amongst
them. . . the Warewolf.
 A scientist named Gary Heinchenstien, was called immediately when the
first attack was made. An elderly’s body was found lying on the ground
near a farm. His throat was completely torn open, and there were huge
prints found nearby which were confirmed by Dr. Heinchenstien, as the
Warewolf's. Soon after that, many people became victims to this dreadful
creature. An idea started lingering around in Dr. Heinchenstien’s head.
That night, he hid behind a farm knowing the Warewolf would be there for
a visit to feed on the livestock. Soon enough, the Warewolf was there as
he had planned. In his mind, he knew that he was taking a major risk by
doing this, but he had to do it. . .for the sake of everyone. As the
Warewolf approached, his heart beating wildly, Dr. Heinchenstien ran out
from his spot as fast as he could. He needed a hair sample to find an
antidote, as well as a poison to put the Warewolf away once and for all.
He quickly pulled out a hair from the creature just when it was about to
pounce on the cow. A giant yelp of pain could be heard for miles. The
Warewolf, with its mouth fizzing in rage, its lips curled back over its
sharp fangs, and its roar stronger than a lion’s, ran with all its might
and fury. The scientist ran as fast as he could and jumped a fence. He
felt safe for one moment when he turned around and saw the creature rip
the steel mesh right off the gate with its bare claws. The scientist ran
straight into the laboratory and locked the electronic titanium steel
doors, he was finally safe.
The next day, after a restful night’s sleep from the rough night before,
Dr. Heinchenstien anylized the hair and found it to be a strange
combination of a white wolf, and a human hair D.N.A. The correct
antidote was found in the D.N.A. Itself. It was just needed to be
removed from the other components found in the D.N.A. which actually
made it harmful. Removing it would have the opposite affect; making it
an antidote to the venom found in the D.N.A. He made a powerful antidote
and poured out the content into a single tranquilizing dart. If the
content proved to be powerful enough, the strength would actually kill
the Warewolf. The next night, he went out in search of the wolf. As soon
as he saw it, he shot the dart, and hit the creature’s eye. The beast
thrashed about wildly in the darkness, and slowly, taking its last
breaths, fell to the ground with a final roar. The Warewolf was never
seen or heard of, again.




Jian--AGE 10

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