It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night.  The wind howled like the wolves that
lurked the streets.
It was the year 1891.  A man named "Four Fingered" Frank, a
photographer, was killed that night, apparently by natural causes.  That
was what happened.  Or was it?

100 years later, year 1991...

"Jeff, stop doing that!  You know I don't like when you creep up on me
like that!"  I yelled.  "Well sorry Mr. Sentsitive!  Geez, Mike!  You're
scared of everything,"  he said.  In a way he was sort of right.  I am a
bit of a scaredy cat.

    "Oh yeah!  Well...  You'll see!"  I replied, walking away.  This
halloween I was going to prove to him that I wouldn't jump out of my
skin (if you know what I mean).  I know that he'll try to pull some
crazy prank on me.  I wasn't going to fall for it this year.

    All the rest of the day I worked on not being scared.  I didn't know
if this would help, but I figures that it would do any harm.  And
finally the time came to put on my skeleton costume and walk out that
door.  I had been walking for about ten minutes when I began to hear
foot steps behind me.  I glanced over my shoulder.  It was someone in a
photographer costume.  "Real spooky prank he's planning,"  I thought,

    "Say cheese!"  I heard someone yell.  That was the last thing I ever

                                                        The End



Susan--AGE 11

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