One Dark and Spooky Night 

It was a dark and spooky night as the witches gathered around a hudge caldron to recite a big spell as fogs croaked and snakes hissed the leader of the pack walked over to a near by closet and as she opened the squeaky door I tried to flee from the room but I was caught by one of them your mine now said the ugly hag which had imprisoned me. They began to chant! As they said there wicked spell I tried to sneak out. I reached the door I turned the knob and slowly walked out the door. They did not notice I was gone till they got ready to plunge me in the thick soup of there boiling pot. When I reached the exit a lady or so I thought was a lady had been waiting on me. She tied me to a broom stick and flew into the night. she had me tied all wrong because she was on top and as for me.... well lets just say the world below was very small. All of a sudden she pulled the rope and and I plumited toward the ground Iheard a vioce say Brittany wake up the test is over. It was my teacher and I had fell a sleep in class. It was still bad after that because I got an F on the test and I was grounded for being suspend.




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