Halloween Story   

 It was a dark and stormy night.  I was in my bed sleeping like any other
kid, but a vampire living miles away in a cave in the bottom of Mount Whitney
wasn't.  No one knew that, though.
    The vampire climbed out of his cave, getting soaked by the night's
thunderstorm.  Soon he came upon my house.  I had just awoken.  I screamed,
petrified.  He moved swiftly toward me.  I tried to scream again but I
    I awoke with a start.  I felt cold sweat dripping down my back.  Just
then, I heard thumping footsteps just outside the door.  The door opened
slowly.  I saw a dark, tall, fanged ugly creature.  I dove under the covers
knowing it was a vampire.  I stuffed the covers under me.  I put a pillow
under me.
    The sun soon came up and I decided to get out from under the covers.  I
saw a toy bat lying where the vampire had been standing.  For then I knew I
was a goner.  He would be waiting for me.  I had lost family and friends this
way.  I might be lost tomorrow.  Who knows? 
    Of course!  I knew it!  My dad studied vampires at the Department of
Vampires.  I ran to the Department of Vampires.  I asked for my dad.  When he
came, I told him what had happened the night before.  He gave me a lot of big
chains of garlic.  I put the garlic all around the house and my neck.  I
started to read a book, but something seemed to be pulling me out of my room.
    I traveled far and up to a mountain.  I saw a cave.  Then I realized I
had been possessed by the vampire.  I was tricked.  I tried to run away but
the forceful powers were too strong.  There was nothing else I could do.  The
vampire saw me and said, "Your father almost hunted me down!  Now I will hunt
him down!  By taking his only child, you!  There is no escape, little girl!"
he cackled.
    "You meanie pooh!" I shouted.
    "How dare you insult me with your nuisance.  You brute!"
    "I am not a brute!" I replied.
    "Well, can I see your school record?"
    "Sure," I replied.
    He used his magic to see it.  He looked up, looking very guilty and said,
"Wrong kid, sorry!"




Shaye--AGE 9

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