It Was A Dark And Stormy Night  

 It was a dark and stormy night, and an alien, one-eyed X-master,  was
sitting in a room.   He was very tall, and small talons along his arms and
feet were visible.  He was on the planet Nocktruse all by himself.  Thunder
crashed outside, and lightning lit up the room, like a hot ball of fire
would if it passed through a window.  X-master wished he had company.  A
knock at the front door, and then the sound of the doorbell made him jump.
He walked over and opened the door.  There was no one outside, only a old,
moss-covered book, blackened to ashes down to the pages.  He brought the
book in, and opened it.  It didn't look like a book he really wanted to
read. He closed the book. He threw it in the fireplace, and lit a fire.  The
book glowed a greenish-yellow color, floated up, and onto X-master's couch.
It faded back to its normal color, black.  It seemed as if the book didn't
want to be burned.  X-master decided to rip it up.  He put his hands on the
book, to tear it to shreds, but again it turned green-yellow, and X-master
was blasted backward, hitting the wall with a thud.  There was a knock on
the front door.  X-master  walked across the room; his hand turned the
doorknob.  It was the news-ship.  Hovering four feet above the ground, if
you hadn't seen it before, it would give you a nightmare.  It was very
small, and it was shaped like a spark.  A small hatch opened, and a
newspaper was hurled out so fast that X-master  was knocked over.  He went
inside, sat down on his sofa, and made himself a bowl of popcorn.  He
started eating, concentrating more on the newspaper than the popcorn.  He
read a article aloud to himself.  It said:

 "The News has been informed of a book that can turn things to stone."
X-master nearly broke his teeth on a rock popcorn kernel.  ".a book that is
fire-resistant.a book that with a glow can blast people backwards.Tomorrow
stormy weather, a little bit of sun now and then."

 There was a knock on the front door.  X-master opened it.  It was a pile of
bones laying on the porch.  They started to swirl upward, and put themselves
together like a skeleton. X-master fainted, and when he recovered, the
skeleton and the book were gone.  Where they are remains to be seen. Some
people say they came to the mysterious Earth, seeking other victims, but no
one knows for sure...





Alexander--AGE 8

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