Death of the Royalty 

  It was a dark and stormy night and Princess Jessica was walking toward
the stairwell up to the attic with her brother Prince jack.  They reached the
last step and turned the knob.  The door opened creakily.  Inside it was
pitch black, except for the eerie shadows.  The moon was casting light on all
the old stuff. 
    They suddenly heard a thump, thump, thump, thump.  "Help me!" an eerie
voice moaned.  "Help me!" they heard again.  They decided it was their
imaginations, until it started again.
    Princess Jessica said, "Did you hear that?"
    "Yes," answered Prince Jack croakily.
    "I'll try to turn on the lights," acknowledged Jessica.  Click! Click! 
Click!  Click! went the lights, but no lights came on.  Jessica was
vigorously turning the light switch on and off.  No lights!
    Jack turned on the lights in another room and luckily found a flashlight.
 They turned on the flashlight.  A figure was standing in the mirror.  It was
a pale young woman wearing a white silk gown and she said, "Good-bye.  I'm
sorry it had to end this way." 
    Just then, a figure stepped out of the shadows.  It had one eye and bared
his golden teeth.  Jessica and Jack were horrified.  They tried to run, but
it was as if their legs had turned to jelly.  They tried to scream, but they
couldn't even talk.  The monster stepped slowly toward them, still baring his
golden teeth.  The kids started to drag themselves with their upper body
strength.  Swiftly the monster picked them both up with he superstrengthened
body.  They tried to scream, but their moans were carried away by the wind. 
Jessica fainted.  Jack wiggled and squirmed, not making it any easier.  Jack
knew it was up to him to save them both, but how could he?  Then he had an
    "Excuse me, sir, but we are already dead.  We were trying to find more
dead people to haunt the castle with."
    "How do I know you're telling the truth?" the monster grunted curiously. 
    "Well, how 'bout we all go haunt the castle?" Jack said.
    "Okay!" the monster agreed stupidly.
    "We'll take upstairs and you can take downstairs," decided Jack.  The
monster let go of them just as Jessica woke up.  The monster headed
downstairs and jack informed Jessica what happened.  The two of them escaped
from the castle and were never seen again.





Elizabeth--AGE 10

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