It Was A Dark And Stormy Night


It was a dark and stormy night

the Rickenburger house was full of laughter, excitement, and fright
for it was Halloween night

and the kids were all in a craze trying to get their costumes on just right.
little Benny was putting on his darth maul costume

while older Cori told him about his awaiting doom

Benny had never gone before

and figured it would pretty much be a big snore

Cori knew better and was trying to tell him about all the fun

Benny just couldn't wait untill it was all said and done

they began to walk up the streets

stopping at doors for some very sweet treats

Benny started to realize it wasn't as bad as he had thought

as he began to notice all of the candy he had got

a grin began to spread over his face

and he quickly sped up his pace

when they knocked on the next door

they had no idea what it had in store

it opened very slowly with a loud creak

the look of the guy made Cori let out a squeak

he was big and tall

and had no tan at all

they were both completely terrified

but still followed when he said "come inside"

Cori now said "this must not be real"

but inside a chill of terror she could feel

Benny looked just as frightened

his skin was drastically lightened

they continued to walk through

while the cold, howling wind blew

they got to a pitch black room and stopped

suddenly they heard the loud sound of a balloon being popped

and the light burst on so suddenly

they couldn't believe what they could see

all their friends and family jumped out and screamed "surprise1"

Cori and Benny couldn't believe their eyes

once the party was done

Benny had to admit, "Halloween is a whole lot of fun!"




Liz--AGE 15

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