Halloween Scare!!!

It was a dark and stormy night

With the trees swaying to a rhythmic beat

The rain kept falling, who knew what else would fall?

On a night like this


The sky was pitch black,

With little sparks of light shining through.

Indicating only the barest safety

Who knows what the morning brings?


One by one, the creatures appear

Yellow eyes, canine white teeth

They snarl, and back you up against a tree

Who knows the cause of your death?


You wake up to find, not teeth tearing your clothes but a tree

A tree in which you climbed for safety

Away from your mother,

who was going to make you have a bath


And now you can see the sun peeping through the clouds.

You get up and wonder,

if this was a nightmare

Or a Halloween scare.




Nirubhana--AGE 15

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