One Dark and Stormy Night


Hi. My name is Brielle. One day me and my family were watching TV. While my
mom was making dinner. After we ate, me and my little sister went to bed. I
couldn't sleep because I heard some noises. I didn't know what they were. 
So I got out of bed and ran to mom. I asked mom what those noises were.  She
said it was a storm. She sent me back to my room. I didn't sleep all night
just looking out the window. Every minute the storm got worse and worse. It
just got scarier and scarier. I heard my mom say to dad that the phone line
was dead. I gulped. I wondered if I was going to be dead. I looked out the
window and saw a flash of light. Mom said it is called lightning. I saw tons
of lightning. Dad also said the TV went out. Mom said since the phone line
broke she can't call the police to tell them that a tree has fallen and
blocked the road. I finally fell asleep. In the morning it was bright and
sunny. There was no sign of a storm. I must have been dreaming.




Spencer--AGE 9

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