It Was A Dark And Stormy Night


It was a dark and stormy night, all the pupils in the first grade of Blackcat.s School for Progressing Witches were very excited because tonight would be the first time they would join the expedition with their parents and fly over the town on their broomsticks. Afterwards all the witches would go back to the school and party. To Becky , it seemed that she was the only one not looking forward to the expedition which would leave the school in a few hours. Unlike most witches she longed to go out into the real world were she could do whatever she wanted. She would go to school, and to the park, and hang out with her new friends at the back of the cinema. Being a witch was boring, if only she could spend the whole night with normal people. She was sure no one would notice if she slipped away&&&&.

The procession left at five-thirty on the dot. They flew over the town 5 times in the moonlight. It seemed to the first grade that they were floating in a sea of stars. Their teacher was proud of them. Every one sat perfectly posed on their broomsticks with their cat perched beside them. Their eyes shone and twinkled and her mind drifted back to the first time she had flown with real witches. Had she been more observant she would have realised that Becky Shadow did not seem to be in the procession. In fact at that very moment she was sitting in a canteen on the Malone Road chatting. It had always been easy for her to find friends. She at once felt at home with these children. Although she had been very vague about were she lived no one had seemed bothered. They were far to engrossed by her clothes wanting to know where she had got her costume and had she been trick-or-treating already. A lot of the words they used were new to Becky so she had to be very careful, but time flew and it was too bad when they bid their farewells, but Becky promised herself that it wouldn.t be for long and she kept her promise.

It was easy for her to slip away to see her new friends as they were allowed free time at the boarding school when the pupils were allowed to go to the shops or the pool. No-one, not her friends from the school or her new friends ever suspected anything and Becky knew that when she left the school she was not hoping to go to Witch University like most of the others, she was going to do what she wanted and go out into the real world where she would live a totally different life.




Ruth--AGE 12

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