The Haunted Forest


One very dark, stormy Tuesday night, Sven was walking home when all of the sudden he got transported to the Haunted Forest. Sven saw a frog. She started talking to him. "Hi. My name is Beth. " she said.

Sven was confused. "Where am I?" he asked. You are in the Haunted Forest." "Where?" "Let me show you."

The sky was mauve and the ground was turquoise. There were little creatures running around weaving between his legs. They looked like little pumpkins. They went a little farther. She showed him the forest boundry. A ghost appeared at the edge of the forest. He whispered to Beth, "Who is that?" "His name is Sven." Beth answered. "Hi Sven. My name is Echo." "Hi." Sven said.

"Do you need some help getting home?" asked Echo. "That would be nice."

Echo trasnported them back to his home town in his front yard. The storm was gone."Thank you Echo." Sven said. "Come back anytime." Exclaimed Echo. "Okay. But how?" "Take this everlasting pumpkin and then when you think of me and touch the stem, you will come back to the Haunted Forest.

Sven smiled and took the pumpkin under his arm and said, "See ya later then." Echo transported back to the forest. Sven visited Echo in the Haunted Forest every Tuesday when they shared cookies and tea.

The End




Sting--AGE 10

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