The Voice


   It was a dark and stormy night.  I was in my room.  My parents were at a
big meeting.  I was all alone.
    "Where is my friend Bryce?"  I thought I just heard somebody say
something.  "It's just the wind," I said.  A couple minutes later I heard a
noise like my gate was opening maybe.  It was my gate rattling.  I looked out
my window.  Somebody was there!  I heard him say, "The dementors are coming."
 He flew up into the air.  He was going to catch something cool.  A couple
days later I had to walk past the graveyard.  I was walking after school.  It
was the middle of the night.  I thought I heard somebody say, "Let me rip
you."  I didn't look at anybody.  Then when I got home on the news people
were hearing this voice and if people looked around they died.  I went to my
room.  I knew somebody was watching me.  Twenty years later people were
hearing the voice and dying.  I never found out about the voice but I still
hope I see it one time.

The End


Jeremy--AGE 7

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