KIDWORLD International Writing Contest
October, 1999
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Winner in Age Group    Honorable Mention

The Lost Day,  a Poem by Whitney, age 11

The Tired Sun, by Andy, age 7

The Alien, by Anthony, age 8

The Kittens, by Elizabeth, age 8

The Witch, a poem by Elizabeth, age 8

The Family Book of Christmas,   by Elizabeth, age 8

Dear Leah, by Sheena, age 11

Water- The nectar of Life, a poem by Dhruv Malhotra (India), age 13 years

Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, a story by Charlotte, age 10

The Monkey's Tail, a story by Jacob, age 14

Mendell's Wedding, a story by Bizzy, age 14

Love, a poem by Laura (Australia), age 12

Sewing With My Grandma, a story by  Breanne, age 12

The Best Mommy, a Story by Geneva, age 8

The Silliest Day Ever , a poem by Tom (U.K.), age 8

The Dream, a story by Shaina, age 14

Sarah's Journey, a story by Emily, age 13

The Mystery of the Motorcycle Man, a story by Matthew, age 12

Friends Forever, a poem by Vanessa, age 10

The Case of the Missing Balloon a story by Thuc Do, (Australia), age 10

FALL a poem by Hannah, age 11

DEATH OF THE DANCER a poem by Gayle, (Singapore), age 11

Life in the Pressure Cookerby Magdalene, (Singapore), age 15

Spaceby Matthew, age 12

Chris, Mr. Bad Attitude by Matthew, age 12

Cars by Ryan, age  9

The Concertby Renuka, age  9

The Rhino's Horn Falls Off   by Christopher, age  9

At Peace   by Megan, age  14

The Hill (Based on a true story)   by William (Australia), age  11

My Captain   by Gregg, age  10

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