Blue Eyes, Blond Hair
"What’s happening" I thought, as I stared at my cornflakes "Why are they
 turning blue ??!!! I think I’ve had enough breakfast for now." I went
 and started watching the T.V. But after awhile the same thing happened,
 the T.V. turned blue! "Maybe I’m sick" I thought "I better look in the
 mirror." But I didn’t have a pale face or a hot temperature. There was
 something else I noticed. "My hair’s turning blond!"I shrieked. Well if
 I am sick, at least it’s Saturday. That night I couldn’t get to sleep,
 then I saw something that caught my eye. A GHOST!!!
 He had blue eyes and blond hair. That whole night he haunted me and
 after every mean, trick he did, he let a horrid laugh. "Ha ha ha ha
 haaaaa!" The next day the same things happened but worse. Everything was
 blue and my hair was fully blond. I struggled my way through the whole
 of Sunday. Then that night the ghost came back. With his blue eyes ad
 blond hair. He haunted me again but this time, his tricks much meaner
 and his laugh much louder as it rang through my head . The next day, (at
 school) there was a new boy in our class. The teacher instructed him to
 sit next to me. I looked at him, and then I stared at him. He had blue
 eyes blond hair. As I stared at him he opened his mouth and………………………….
 "Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!!
 The End!!!

Charlotte--Age 10

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