My Captain

Oh have ye' ever met my captain?
He has big boots and kicks his men,
There was one soldier with the name Ben,
But after going into my captain's den,
I never ever saw that man again!

Oh have ye' ever met my colonel?
He has a big hat an' keeps his journal,
Until one day he rang the bell,
Off he went an' started to sell,
He made so much loot he had to yell!

Oh have ye' ever met my Lieutenant?
He sure does have many a pennant,
An' his words sting like iodinate,
You'll never hear him repent,
An' This man Surely won't relent!
Oh have ye' ever met my sergeant?
His yellow teeth are sick an' bent,
He'll have you sittin' outside the tent,
When it's raining you'll need a cent,
Cause' this man won't allow a rent!

Oh have ye' ever met my major?
You better call him just a fine sir,
Or in his soup you he'll stir,
He'll grit his teeth, grrrr grrrrr,
At any small wager!

Oh have ye' ever met my scout?
He'll always use an alternative route,
An' he won't say a word of what his mission's 'bout,
'Cause he's so brave an' stout,
An' if he's captured all he'll want is out out out!



Gregg -- age 10

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