At Peace

 My family thinks I have no will to live life.  I am but a child still
searching for my life.  I f only my family understood the hardships that
I go through every day.  I would be at peace.  My whole life has been
devoted to raising my sisters.  I have had no time for myself.  My
childhood destroyed because of my father.  He has ruined it for everyone
in my family but himself.  He ran off when I was but a wee gal.  He said
he had someone waiting at the front door to take him away.  That person I
never knew, but I saw her.  She was pretty, too pretty I think.  She wore
a long silk gown and she had hair of gold.  Her eyes were the color of
the sky.  It was as if she had taken the sky down with her fingers and
simply placed it in her eye, and with it she had taken my father.  Well,
anyway after that day I had to be the mother simply because my mother was
away at work all day.  She was facing the hardships no mother should have
to face.  My father had destroyed her soul.  She had loved him so.  She
had given him her word, the word of truth.  At home she never seemed the
same loving caring mother she used to be.  I know she tries but she just
can't do it alone.  I have to cook and clean, sew and knit while my
mother is away at work.  My sisters never understood why my mother was so
sad all the time.  It was as if she had fallen into an hour of sorrow
that lasted for years repeating itself over and over again.  I don't
think I ever understood even though I told myself I did.  When I was a
child I never got to play or go to school with all the children my age.
My life was abnormal.  Then I met Derek the sweetest man ever to walk the
earth.  He had eyes so green.  They reminded me of the grass in the
summer.  His hair so dark it almost made coal look bright.  Oh, I loved
him so and them one day he just disappeared.  I couldn't find him and no
one would tell me what had become of him.  Then when I was walking
through the library one day I found a book that held all the articles of
the many, many deaths.  As I was looking through it I spotted a name that
just stuck out.  Derek…… I read a little further to see if this was the
Derek I had known, the Derek I had loved.  The article I have printed

It is a very sad day in the city of Hollowsville.  A very young, generous
man has been killed.  He was murdered.  The murder is unknown.  His
funeral will be held on March 18.

That was all.  They didn't say anything more.  I wished they would have
found the murderer.  But what made me the saddest of all was the fact
that  he was gone and I had never known what happened.  I missed his
funeral and all because no one had the heart of courage to tell me.  I
was ashamed of them, of everyone.  They knew I would have wanted to know
so why didn't they tell me?  Were they trying to keep something from me?
I looked a little further into the articles and found another one about
Derek.  It said they had found the murderer.  At the time I didn't know
who this person was, but now I do.  It was my father.  He didn't want
anyone to love me or hurt me and he had decided that anyone who came near
me besides my family would have to die.  My heart was destroyed right
then and there.  Now I knew why no one ever told me.  They didn't want me
to think about my father at all.  I went to the jail that afternoon to
visit him.  When I saw him I was surprised at how much I looked like him.
 The same eyes of brown and hair of red.  At the moment I saw him I
wanted to be with him to take care of him and make sure that no harm came
to him.  The day that he got put in the chair I almost died crying.  I
had never known him and I never got to tell him how much I loved him.  I
just felt like my life was over.  I couldn't talk to anyone for week's
then those weeks turned into months and the months turned into years.

This I guess is what you would call a death note.  I have thought long
and hard about what I am about to do and I have decided the only way I
could possibly live and be happy would be in death.  So whoever finds
this please understand my choice and don't make me regret it.  I will
forever live in peace.  My childhood destroyed along with my father, and


Megan -- age 14

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