The Concert

I love to run my fingers on the smooth, cool, ivory keys in the big,
old wood piano that smells like a mixture between the spicy scent of
grandma's kitchen and old, sweet wood.  Everyday, I, Allie, practice on
our piano.  The ivory keys that once used to be a clean, bright white
are now yellowed with age.  The wood which was once polished and
gleaming is now rough and old.  But that is very welcoming.  Sometimes,
when I'm practicing my pieces, I like to imagine I am a famous piano
player, and I am at a concert, and that I play on a shiny Grand piano.
Then I bow down low and everybody claps so loud that it sounds like a
thunderstorm.  I wonder if it will ever come true.

 Guess what?  Today was piano lessons and my teacher told me something
that made my heart skip a beat.  It made me want to whoop and shout.
She told me that I was good enough to play in the next children's
concert! Whoopie! I couldn't believe it!  I have never played anywhere
in public before.  Well, I'd better get ready.  The concert is in one
month.  I am going to play Minuet 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach.  I will
wear my black and white dress with the two layer skirt with tiny pink
roses and my shiny black party shoes that go clump clump when I walk.
I'm so excited!

 Today was the concert. I loved it!  They had a shiny black Grand
piano.  It was so cool!  They also had this voting thing.  Here's how it
worked.  All the people participating played piano, right?  Well, there
was a sheet which had each pianist's name on it.  After all the people
played, the audience had to vote for which person's playing they liked
best.  And guess who got the most votes?  ME!  I won first place!  The
prize  was a small, miniature, black marble model of a Grand piano.  I
loved it!

 I guess some dreams do come true after all!

Renuka--age 9
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