Chris, Mr. Bad Attitude

 The players were getting dress in all their hockey gear; it was their
first minor peewee hockey game.  After they were dressed they awaited
their pep talk from their coach.  The coach waltzed in and explained the
plays they were to perform in their playing time.  After he was done
speaking the all walked into the middle of the dressing room and placed
their hands in a circle.  They all shouted, “Go team!”  The exited
through the dressing room doors.

 As the entered the arena onto the ice they slowly started warming up
the muscles in their legs and other body parts.  After the whistle was
blown by the referee which indicated that the practice time was over.
They all skated to canter ice and lined up.  Goalies first of coarse.
Chris stood at the back of the line.  The referee said, “Start!” The
boys started to touch gloves.  The also traded the words, ”Have a good
game!” among themselves.  Chris at the back of the line decided to
change the words a bit.  “You are a loser”, is what Chris said to the
people on the opposing team.  The opposing team just replied with bad
looks towards Chris.

 They engaged in play and were doing very good until the second period
the other team had placed their second goal in the net.  As the line of
men was called off Chris said, “You all are losers letting them score
like that!”  None of the team let it get to them.  Chris was called to
the ice.  On the ice Chris let guys go by, let them have the puck and
worst of all let the score.  The coach was not happy at all.  He called
Chris off the ice and told him to play hard.  Chris just responded but
singing, “We are going to lose yes, yes, yes, yes we are going to
lose!”  In the third period the boys were losing six to nothing.
Shortly the game ended.  After the game the went to their dressing rooms
and Chris was saying, “I told you so, I told you so!”  The coach raised
his voice in the reply of, “We only lost because of your bad attitude!”
The players were given out drinks and went home.  Before Chris went home
he stole two more drinks.

 The next day there was a practice at the same arena.  The coach knew
why Chris was not there.  It was because he knew what he had done.
Chris never did show up at any more practices, no one really knows what
happened to him.  He just disappeared.

The moral of the story is if you have a bad attitude towards life, you
will lose in life.

Matthew--age 12

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