Would you ever wonder what it would be like to walk on the moon or to
stick your hand
into the dust and ruble on the surface?  Well have!  I hope that in the
future this will be possible because maybe we will be living up there.
If I had to chose what planet I would live on it would be Saturn.
 As a matter of fact there is a space station being constructed right
know.  Maybe we will live in a space station in the near future.
 Have you ever thought that the sun was going to blow up?  Well I have!
Just imagine the sun just killing every thing.  Would the other planets
get blown up to?  I don't know but I do know that this will not happen
in a long, long, long time.  If it did happen anytime soon it would
effect us very much by wiping every thing out.
 NASA has research that says that when you go to space your spine
enlarges one to two inches.  Right know I wonder what if we brought a
baby into space?  Would it learn to walk faster because of
weightlessness or grow faster because of the theory I had said two
sentences ago?  They have been doing research on cancer and medicine
today in space.
 It would effect us greatly if one year we lived in space because what
would earth do if we left to space.  Will there be suits so we can go to
Pluto and if yes that would effect us more because of distance between.
Would you just say I have to go visit my grandmother on Saturn when you
are on Pluto?
Today it would cost us forty thousand dollars to travel to space in the
future maybe as much as a train ticket.
 The technology is amazing know!  Before they didn't have a heat shield
while plunging through the atmosphere.  Before when you traveled down
through the atmosphere you would plunge into the ocean and come up on a
raft, know we have wheels so when you land its like an airplane.
 They sent Mr. John Glen into space to do exercises.  Why?  Does NASA
know something about elders in space does it some how help them pr make
them live longer?  Who knows that maybe if you are sent to space you
will live longer in space than on earth?  I don't know do you?
 Space the final frontier and I want to be a part of it.

Matthew--age 12

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