The Case of the Missing Balloon
One Sunday afternoon while Tom and Sally were having a walk,they happened
to hear Grandpa Joe shouting,''Where's that big,round balloon I'd just
blown up!''

They went round to Grandpa Joe's house to see what was happening.
''What's wrong Grandpa Joe?'' Sally asked.''Did you forget where you put

Grandpa Joe had very bad memory.''I was blowing up my big balloon when
someone threw a rock against my door so I had to put down the balloon and
see what in the worldwas happenning out there!''Grandpa Joe said.''And when
I came back,it wasn't where I left it!''

Tom and Sally said to themselves that they had to solve this case.They
looked around and suddenly saw a flat,blue balloon jammed up between two
cupboards.They both went over to the cupboards and pick the balloon up.
''Grandpa Joe.Is this your balloon?''Tom and Sally asked at the same time.


Grandpa Joe went over to the two kids and took the balloon of them.
He shooed them out of his house thinking that they were th ones who took
his balloon.On the way back to Sally's house,Tom said,''I don't think he
EVEN touch the balloon.He probably was doing something and then thought he
was blowing uop his balloon!''

When they arrived at Sally's house,Sally said exhausted,''Well there's
another case solved''

And before anyone could say 'balloon',they were both asleep.


Thuc Do--Age 10

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