Friends Forever
I know that we always don't get along,
but friends like us will always stay strong,
even though you're not going to stay,
we will remember each and every single day.
We will stay friends forever,
through the Millennium forever, whenever.
We just want to say keep in touch,
with all your friends,
where your friendship still exists.
Even though you have to go,
friends will be here and there because you're a pro.
You are a pro at making friends,
so you shouldn't have any trouble,
but if u do we will be there,
talking to you on the phone helping you make friends in a double.
So as u can tell we want to stay friends forever no matter what,
through that hardest and easiest times of our live,
I will help you through anything.
Friends forever that's what we shall be,
helping each other forever, whenever,
because us as friends will last forever.

Vanessa--Age 10

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