The Mystery of the Motorcycle Man
Once there was a boy named Timmy. He had lots of friends and loved to ride is bike.

One day he and his friends decided that they were all going to go biking that Saturday.

Everyone of his friend was exited about the trip they were going to encounter. The were planing to ride there bikes to a friend who lived on the out skirts of Barrie. The friends name was John. John could not go on the trip with his friends because he had to go to a wedding that day.

When Saturday came all the friends were on the phone planning where they were going to meet. The decided to meet in Sunnidale Park. The all checked their bikes to make sure that all the screws and every thing were tight. They all put on their helmets and set off for Sunnidale Park. When they got there they all met up and went biking in the park. They went off coarse and across a river to the forest. The were having a blast lifting their bikes over fallen trees, moving big branches and fooling around. When the saw a man in the bushes. All they saw was an out line of a man with gun. They couldn't tell if it was a real gun or a water pistol. They decided not to take the chance and took off into deeper wooded areas. The boys thought that they were out of harms way when they heard the roar of a dirt bike being started. They looked back and started to pedal as fast as they could. The roar of the dirt bike grew louder and louder until they new he was right be hind them. He pulled out his pistol. (It was real!) And started firing at the boys most flew by and only one hit Timmy's bike which cause him to fly of his bike and land in some bushes as soon as that happen the man took off in the other direction. The boys went back to see if Timmy was ok. Timmy had a few scrapes on his knees and elbows but was relatively okay. The boy decided not to tell anyone until the found out more. The also decided to call it a day and go home.

When Timmy got home he heard the sound of a dirt bike go by he looked out his window and saw the man looking up at him in his window. Timmy flew back shut the blinds and went to eat. Timmy's parents got worried with the way he was acting. After diner Timmy was up in his room reading when he heard it again. He got up and looked out his window and there he was again riding by looking up at him but this time he rode by and showed Timmy a knife he was carrying. Timmy shot back and got into bed and started to read. He tried to get to sleep but couldn't due to the fact that he was scared to death. That night he fell asleep and woke up at about three am. He looked around and saw a figure of a man standing in his room. He was about to yell when he rubbed his eyes and the figure disappeared.

The next morning he called all of his friends and told them that they had to have a secret meeting that afternoon in his tree fort. The boys all agreed and met at 1:00pm. Timmy explained what had happened and what he saw as the man rode by last night. All the boys could not figure out what the man was doing yesterday in the forest. They all worked up a bunch of courage and decide to go back. They all went home and ate diner. After diner they met up in Sunnidale Park. They went to the spot and looked the noticed some clothing that had been torn on a log. It looked to be of a female. They also noticed lipstick lying on the ground. They did not have a clue what was going on. When all of the sudden they noticed blood on a leaf. The thought that the man had killed a woman there. All the boys jumped on their bikes and just took off. The decided to tell Timmy's father because he was a Detective for his own company. They all went home. When Timmy got home he told his father about what was going on. His father told him that if he sees the man in the motor cycle again to tell his dad.

That night Timmy went to bed. I feel asleep without much trouble knowing that his day was on the job. He woke up again at about three am. He looked around and saw the figure again he know he was just imagining it again so he lay back down and closed his eyes. He then felt a cloth being put over his mouth. He woke up not knowing were he was. He realized he was in a cellar of some sort. There was a dim light hanging from the ceiling and also there was a thick steel door blocking him from the exit. Timmy decided to start to yell so the guy would come. Timmy started to yell at the top of his lungs. The man came to the door and said," Shut up kid, what do you want?" Timmy then replied," Where the heck am I?" The man just opened the door slid in a plate and closed the door quickly. Timmy looked at the plate and saw some bread and some beans. Timmy decided to eat them because he didn't know if he would be eating again. Timmy got up and went to the door and yelled, "I have to go pee!" The man came to the door opened it and led him to a dingy bathroom.

In the bathroom Timmy noticed a window. He tried to open it and succeeded he was ever so quiet. He crawled up through the window and ended up right near the place where the saw the motor cycle man first. He started to run as fast as he could. The motor cycle man saw him and started to chase him the Timmy saw the motor cycle leaning against the wall he ran for it. I got on and jump-started it. He took off leaving the motorcycle man standing there. Timmy thought to himself, "Wow watching moto-cross really paid off!" Timmy got home and told his parents what happened. His dad decided to have a steak out. Timmy would stay in his room and have a walkie-talkie, his dad would sit in his car with one too. If Timmy saw him go by he would radio him and his dad would get him. Sure enough at about 11:00 the man rode by on a new motorcycle. Timmy radioed his dad and his dad chased him. The man saw Timmy's dad come flying out of his driveway. Timmy's dad caught up and forced him to go off the road. The dad stopped his car and jumped out. His dad tackled him to the ground and put his hands behind his back. His dad went to the car and got some rope and tied the man up. He put him in the back seat of the car and took him to the police station. They put him in jail and charged him with all kinds of charges including first degree murder of Samantha Smith.

Matthew--Age 12

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