The Best Mommy
"Girls, come on!" Mom groaned from the art room. "Where are the hangers?" She was having a bad mommy melt! We all came running down the stairs. "And who knocked down all the shirts? I fold them, and wash them, and dry them, and you just have to knock them down!" she mumbled.

"I did," Tayleigh sighed. "I'm sorry." Mom groaned. "You've got to be more careful!" She stomped up the stairs and everything was quiet. The sound of Mom's closet door opening broke the silence. "And put away the azugos!" she mumbled.

At dinner that evening, everything was quiet. I guess Mom was still angry with us. I, Gevys, wanted to say sorry. But I guess I was afraid, afraid that she would scream at me.

The next morning, I was feeling much better. It was the best day of the week-Saturday! Mom was going to her friend, Ms. Sheryl's cottage at noon. At least she couldn't yell at us then. But Breanne would be baby-sitting for us. Uh, oh! No, I'm just kidding! She's a good baby-sitter!

I heard the door shut behind Mom. She was leaving already? She hadn't even said goodbye! But it's too late now!

"Sister meeting," Breanne called from her room. "We have to do something, but what?"

"I have an idea!" Tayleigh suddenly shouted. "Why don't we do what the kids off The Mommy Market do?" No one said a word for awhile. Was Tayleigh crazy?

"But we don't want to get rid of Mom, do we?" My voice broke the silence. "Why don't we just get rid of her for a couple days, enough time to find a new mother?"

All of us agreed, and I slipped the Mommy Market in the TV. When the kids started chanting, we joined along.

"Humbala! Humbala!" we all chanted. Clouds gathered around their house. A gust of wind blew the leaves from the ground and into the foggy sky above.

"Humbala! Humbala!" We kept chanting, until it seemed that someone sprayed sleeping gas in the air, making us fall into a deep sleep. The next morning, it seemed as if the house was empty. Without Mom calling "snuggle time", the only sound was the sound of Smidgen's leash dragging across the floor.

I tapped Breanne on the shoulder and asked, "Do you think it worked?" "I don't know but there's only one way to find out," she replied. "We have to check." I gulped. Mom hated it when we woke her up. If she was awake…

"Don't make a sound," whispered Breanne as we slowly opened the door to Mom's room. "Shh." I couldn't do it. My feet carried me towards my room, Breanne following the whole way. Then she went back again. Five minutes later, I heard Breanne running down the hall saying, "Mom's gone! She's not there!"

Was I hearing things, or did she just say "gone"? I asked myself. She said gone!

"Cool!" I exclaimed. "It's a good thing your twelve." I snickered. "One question," Tayleigh said. "Where's the Mommy Market?" To say so myself, that was a good question! Where was it?

We all answered at once, "Movie!" So, I turned on the movie and fast-forwarded it until it was at the right spot.

"Down the nearest lane, to the far corner. Go into the door to your right. There you will find The Mommy Market," the lady on TV whispered.

Breanne stared at me, as if she were in some kind of a trance. Ranch Lane? "S-should we go?" I stuttered. For a moment no one said anything.

"Duh!" Tayleigh suddenly blurted out. "What else should we do?" She had been right for a moment, but would it work?

"Why not try it?" I asked impatiently. "Okay, let's go!"

We put our coats on like army men. Then, slowly we walked out the front door. Cold! It was freezing! It was spring, but felt like winter! I ignored the thought and kept walking.

"T-there it is," Breanne uttered as we walked towards a tall wooden door with vines growing up it. I shivered at the sight. So old and rusty it was. I didn't want to go inside, but I knew I had to.

Slowly, Tayleigh opened the door and walked inside. Breanne and I followed.

"Hello, what would you like?" I man with an Irish accent asked immediately as we walked inside the huge building.

"W-we'd like a new mother," Breanne stuttered. "H-how can I get one?" Her voice was muffled in the shouts and cheers of the crowd. There was a crowd?

After the man was finished explaining the rules, we set off to find our Mom! It was so crowded that I almost got lost!

"There's our first mother!" Breanne laughed, pointing at one.

The mother was a princess! She had a flowing gown and silver crown on. Many jewels were in her hand, and were examining them closely. She held a wand in her hand. It was a miracle for Breanne.

"Let's take her," Breanne begged. Tayleigh and I exchanged looks. We only had three Moms to pick. We had to use them wisely. Otherwise, well, I don't know what would happen.

"Okay," I finally sighed. "But she's not gonna' work." Breanne cheered with delight. Tayleigh and I groaned. It was going to be horrible! "Hello, we'd like you to be our mother, please," Breanne said in her most polite way. She waited for a reply.

"Why, of coarse, my darlings," she answered." With pleasure." I rolled my eyes. Ugh! So fancy!

"Thanks!" Breanne said, cashing in our first coin. "Very much!" I wanted to start laughing my head off!

We walked towards another door, which led outside. I saw that there was a long car parked outside. It was ours! I hopped inside and we drove off!

Tayleigh showed the way to our house and we stopped outside the ditch. I hopped out and went inside the house.

"This place is a-," our new mom began. "Ah! Dog pooh!" I laughed like crazy! I was already used to it.

"There's no way were keeping this mom," Tayleigh groaned. "No way!" Breanne didn't seem to mind her, although she didn't seem to like her either.

"Get cleaning!" "Mom" called from the living room. "And chain up this thing." She pointed to our adorable puppy, Smidgen. Now I really hated our new mom!

"That's not a thing, that's Smidgen!" I yelled. "And you can't do anything about him pooping outside. Where else should he go, on your bed? He's ours, so we make the rules about him! And you have to treat him like one of us!" That did it.

"Get up to your room right now!" our new mom screamed. "I'm the mother, so I make the rules! How dare you speak to your mother like that!" I stomped upstairs to my room, which now looked totally different! Red velvet curtains hung from the windows. A new canopy bed replaced my old bed.

Great, just what I wanted, I said to myself. Smidgen went waddling into my room and started sniffing all around my neat and tidy set bed.

I'm gonna' get revenge, I thought to myself. Then I remembered what I had said before. "Where else should he go, on your bed?" I had said. "Breanne!" I called across the hall. "Come here!" She came around the hall into my room.

"What?" she asked me. "What's so important?" She seemed to be angry as well.

"Get a bag and tell Tayleigh to come here," I ordered. "We're getting rid of the mom." Breanne obeyed me, as if she was anxious to get rid of her.

A few minutes later, Tayleigh came running into my room. "What?" she asked me. I wondered if she would go along with my plan. She probably would.

"Breanne will be up with a bag in a minute. Take it from her and get a pooh from outside. Don't worry about me," I instructed her. "Bring the pooh up to me. Then pretend nothing happened."

Once Tayleigh brought up the pooh, it was all up to me. I held my breath and slowly walked into Mom's room.

Then carefully, I shook the pooh out of the bag and onto Mom's bed. Then I picked up Smidgen and put him in the hall. I ran off quietly and pretended to be asleep.

The next morning, I heard screaming. It was "Mom"! I could imagine it being stuck to her gigantic butt! Squishing as she rolled in her sleep! "Get it off!" I heard "Mom yell. "I'm leaving once and for all!" I gave Breanne a thumbs up sign. I had never felt better in my life!

"Bye!" I cheered as X-Mom left the house. Then I ran into my room and pulled the canopy away. Then I went to the storage closet and brought back my old bed. I pulled down the velvet curtains off, and opened the window.

"We have to pick our next mother," Breanne called from the front door. "Hurry up!" I ran down the stairs and got my shoes on. Pretty soon we were at the Mommy Market again. When we got in, we saw…Brittney Spears!

"Please!" Tayleigh begged, pushing through the crowd. "It's Brittney Spears!" I was also happy. She was a good singer. "Okay," Breanne laughed. "All right!" Tayleigh cheered. She ran up to Brittney Spears and asked, "Will you be our mother?"

"Gladly," she replied. So we jumped into her car and drove off.

"Here it is!" Tayleigh cried as we got out and walked down the driveway. When I got inside, everything looked the same.

"Okay, we have a lot of work to do!" Brittney Spears laughed as she stepped into the family room. "This place is big enough."

Huh? It's big enough for what? I wondered as I walked into my room. My room was still the same old room. Clean.

"For what?" Tayleigh suddenly asked. "What do you mean?"

"For a stage," Brittney replied. "Of coarse I need a stage." I groaned. Guess what we were going to hear all night! All night, music so loud that it could almost burst your eardrums was playing. We got no sleep. So we decided we'd have to get rid of mother number two tomorrow…her concert day!

Soon we were at the Mommy Market again. It had been really easy getting rid of Brittney. All we did was cut the wires off the stereo and she was gone for good. I had never felt better in my life! But I sort of missed my real mom.

"Cool!" I cried, pointing to a mother dressed in a light blue shirt and black shorts. "A soccer player! Can she be the third mom? Please!" I watched her as she kicked the ball into a small goal net.

"She is pretty good," Tayleigh agreed. "Sure!" I cheered. But Breanne wasn't so happy.

"Look, I don't want us to be stuck with no mother at all. We have to choose wisely!" Breanne moaned. "But, okay." I cheered. "Thank you!" I cried. Then I walked up to the soccer player and asked, "Will you be our mother?"

"Sure!" she replied. "Why not?" We hopped into her car and drove to our house.

"Why not a game of soccer?" our new mom asked. "Right now!"

"I'd rather stay inside," Breanne said. "It's too hot." So she went inside the house and watched us through her window.

When we got inside, Breanne came down with a book in her hand.

"What?" our new mom screamed. "You read? Not with me around! For now on, no reading! Soccer is everything!"

No reading? This mom had to go! How could we not read? "Arm your books!" I cried. "Say goodbye to Mom!" We all stuffed books in our faces and read, and read, and read, until "Mom" couldn't take it! She stomped off and left us all alone. With no mother at all. I had never felt worse in my life!

"I wish our real mom was back," Breanne sighed. "I miss her. She was the best mommy."

Me too," I agreed. "I loved her."

"Me three," Tayleigh admitted. "She was so nice." Those were our last words before falling asleep.

"Snuggle time!" I voice called through the hall. I sighed. It was all a dream.

But when I went in for snuggle time, I noticed a brown stain in the bed, a microphone under the pillow, and a soccer ball stuffed in the corner. Had it been a dream? Or had we really been to the Mommy Market?

Geneva--Age 8

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