My two sisters are really good at athletic stuff. They take swimming and gymnastics. I'm an archer but I have a lot of trouble with other sports because I have cerebral palsy. I was born way too early, almost three months early and nearly died. It was a miracle that I lived. I've taken therapy all my life so I can walk but it's hard and scary to try something new. Last year I fell straight down seventeen stairs at my sisters' gymnastics and made a funny noise going down. My sister says my theme song is "I get knocked down, but I get up again" by Chumbawumba.

I used to have to go along to my sisters' activities, but then my Grandma asked my mom if she could take me to a class or do something with me during that time. My Grandpa had died of cancer when I was seven (I was really sad for a very long, long time) and my Grandma lived in an apartment by herself. I was interested in sewing and my Grandma started to give me sewing lessons. We made some pretty awesome things together. One of my favourites was a Noah's Ark vest that I made for my sister Geneva. The animals have cool tails and ears that stick out. The label says Made by Breanne with love for Geneva. She loved it and I was very proud. Since then, I've also sewn a gardening vest for my mom and a school vest for my other sister Tayleigh. We all like the tiger skin (fake, of course) pillows that I made. Last year we sewed a bride costume for Halloween, and this year we made an Egyptian Princess outfit with gold fabric called liquid silk. No one could believe I had made these things myself. Grandma refused to take any credit even though I couldn't have done it without her.

My Grandma gave us a new Grandpa last summer when she got married. We got to have the wedding party in my backyard and it was great. I kept running after them throwing rice. I made a huge heart out of flowers that my family had fluffed and it was a beautiful decoration. My new Grandfather is really nice and we sometimes play cards or Scrabble instead of sewing.

It used to be very boring for me to watch my sisters at their activities, even though I'm proud of them. But now, because my Grandma is so nice and loves me so much, I can do something they can't. I can make presents for my family that they really like. And I have a head start for home ec next year in junior high! Thanks Grandma!


My story is a way to say thanks to my grandmother.       Breanne--Age 12

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