The Monkey's Tail
There once was a monkey who lived in a forest. One day he got his tail stuck on a gate, he did not know what to do and he asked a barber that walked by for help. The barber cutt off the monkey's tail and kept and gave the monkey his siccors. The monkey went by a few sad boy's who had no way of getting mangoe's down from the treee so the monkey threw up the siccors and down came the mangoes. the monkey got a basket of mangoes but the children kept the siccors. the monkey walked by a homeless man who had nothing to eat. the monkey gave him the mangoes and in return the monkey got back a bar of soap used to wash clothes. then the monkey walked by a women who was sad. The woman had no soap to wash her clothes so the monkey gave her a bar of soap to use. In return the lady said, "My son is a barber and he has a monkey tail and doesn't know what to do with, i think you monkey could use it. The monkey got his tail back because the lady whom borrowed the soap from the monkey had a son who was the barber who cut off the monkeys tail. This goes to show how smart and kind and good the monkey was for sacrificing his tail.

Jacob--Age 14

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