KIDWORLD International Writing Contest
November, 1999
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Winner in Age Group  Honorable Mention


The Vampires That Live Next Door,  by Lisa, age 11
A Tiny Pony, a poem by Rachel, age 9

Christmas Dreams, by April, age 10

Dream Girl, by Ngoc-Han Phan, age 11

Elven Night,   a poem by Anisa, age 14

Pokemon Have The Power, by Mariah, age 8

Dragons, by Cole, age 8

Roger The Smallest Cell, by Mike H., age 11

The Store, by Caleb B., age 8

How Do You Feel?, a song by Terri-Lynn, age 15

Under The Rug, Christopher, age 10

What If Your Room Left You?, by Clare, age 13

This With That, a poem by  J. J., age 8

You're You, I'm Me, a poem by Celine, age 13 

A Family of Things, a poem by Brittiny age 8 

A Pony Forever, by Miranda, age 8

Dream of Paradise, a story by Ashley, age 11

What I'm Thankful For, by Allison, age 10

Ghosts And Moms, er, Ghosts As Moms a story by Ingrid, age 10

I Am a poem by Laura, age 11

An Angel's Wings a poem by BreAnne, age 13

A Perfect Day by Joel, age 13

The Cat's Meow by Kristy, age ??

The Bulletin Board Mom by Brittney, age 12

Small Town Meadene by Linds, age  13

Elizabeth's Journeyby Rebekah, age  10

Kidworld   a poem by Jessica age  ??

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