Roger The Smallest Cell

Once upon a time, there was a cell named Roger, he was very small infact, they called him "baby cell". He was half the size of the other cells in his 3rd grade class.

One day, he was doing his chores when his mom and dad said he was goin to take immune lessons to make him stronger so he could stand up to the other cells.

So he decided to take the lessons. As the time progressed, he got stronger and stronger, until after three years, he finally became an immune system...not very strong yet, but an immune system none-the-less.

Hi cellsay said "Roger son, you have three months left until you become an immune master." Roger is also the size of the other cells now, thanks to his training! And yes....he's a sixth grader now. He's changed so much even his nucleus changed!

After three months, he went home when he got home the site he saw almost scared the cytoplasm right out of him because there was a virus attacking his town. So what he did was summon up all the power he had, all the courage from his nucleus, and all the immunity he had and attacked the virus head-on. was a TERRIBLE CLASH.

Soon the virus had almost beaten him when all-of-the-sudden he gave the virus a colossal whack. Then a great plasma cloud arose. After the cloud cleared...Roger lay seriously wounded, the virus lay dead.

Three days later Roger woke from the coma he was in. His Mother and Father stood next to his bed. They said "Hi son, are you ok?" Then Roger said, "Yeah...I'm achoo...achoo...ok". Then his parents said they were going. Then Roger said " Wait! Stay here please." Then they said, "okay, son we will." So they stayed and spent the night at the "White Blood Cell Center."

The next day Roger was to have the White Blood Cell Machine clean and suck the viral infection out of him.

The next day, he left the "White Blood Cell Center. Then when he got home he started talking about his immune training. Oh boy, was that a long story, he talked for like four or five hours!

When he finished, his parents decide they want to take the lessons too. But Roger says, "If you're going to take them, go one at a time so I'm not alone." Then they said " We planned on your teaching us." "Me?" he said. "Yes, you son, so we don't have to leave home." "Hum...Hum....o....k...I think I could do it." So he started to teach 30 minutes a day.

When he finished teaching them, he decided to teach the immune system lessons to all cells in case of future attacks.

That's all for this comic strip....Bye-Bye!

MIKE H.--AGE  11

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