Chapter One

Ever since Melissa was young, she always dreamt of being a successful doctor. She was determined to finish the goal in the future. She lived in Wichita, Kansas. She was the youngest in her family. After school she walked with her friends talking about their homework assigned by their teacher. She was a sophomore in high school; she went to Andrea High School. She isn't very popular in school, and she didn't recommend her as beautiful or cute. She just thinks herself as average, but she was smart. She's not the top of the class actually she was the second.

As she walked she noticed a boy and ever since then she have a huge crush on him. He is very cute and smart too, the top of the class. When she know that he already have a girlfriend, she felt disappointed and depressed. He was very popular in school. Once home economics, she was assigned to be his partner. She felt nervous.

But when she came home her parents tell her very sad news. They said that they don't have enough money to pay all the debt they owe. So Melissa has to go to school and to go to work to help her parents pay off the debt faster. She worked at a restaurant, but the salary isn't very good, but she doesn't care as long as she can help her parents. Every time she went home from school she go to work. Everytime she went home from work she does housework and cook. Then begin studying and do her homework. But then she doesn't enough money to pay for the classes. So then she got to quit school. She felt disappointed and was crying since she cannot reach her goal that she has been dreaming about. Being a successful doctor. Then soon after all her hard work she'd had help her parents pay off the debt. So she quit her job and begins going to school and decided it would be better if she should work for the school, the salary is good.

Now she is behind her friend's one grade level. Then soon she heard the rumor that the boy that she likes, he broke up with his girlfriend. Since he saw her cheating on him. Then soon the boy she likes began to notice her and she knows his name now. His name is Kevin. Then soon they became friends, but it feels kinda' funny being around boys so much.

Then soon it was her birthday. They have the spin the bottle game where you spin the bottle and it landed on a boy you get to spend 60 seconds in heaven in a hallway. She gets to spin the bottle first and it landed on Kevin. When they came to the hallway, they didn't kiss. They were quiet, then Kevin asking her about homework. Then it was time. Then one of her friends named April spin the bottle. They kissed in the hallway.

After that it was Truth or Dare. She asks the person next to her that is April. Her friend choose dare. Melissa said," I dare you to pick someone to spend 60 sec. in heaven." April chose a boy that she kissed in 60 sec. in heaven. Then suddenly a miracle had happen. Kevin asks Melissa. She answers dare. They went. First it was quiet. When it was 50 sec., Kevin asks her if she could study with him because there are some problems that he couldn't understand. She answers yes. Then suddenly out of the blue Kevin's lips hit hers. A kiss! A real kiss! When they got out, Melissa's face was red. Everybody knew they kiss. Her first real experience with a boy. She thinks it would be a wonderful year!

But then when she got out of high school, her parent had a car accident on the way to her graduation. Her mom died and her dad has a very bad head injury and has amnesia and soon lost his memory. She soon got in college and she has to work and take care of her dad. She didn't have enough money for school since it's spending on her dad's medicine. Soon she has to drop out of school but she still work for the school for money. She had failed twice to reach to her goal, but she still hasn't giving up yet. So she returned to school one year later. She works as hard as she can to reach her success. And she was thinking that if she reach her goal then she'll be a doctor and then maybe she can help her dad. When she go to school she asked one of the nurses to look after her dad while she's gone.

Since she worked up and she is smart the school


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