Once upon a time there was a little, African girl that lived in
Nigeria. Her family was very, very poor, and they couldn’t afford many
necessary things in life, let alone, little extras.
     Christmas was soon coming, and she wanted a Christmas tree. There
was hardly any trees she could have, because her family was so very
     She asked her mom, “ Mama, why can’t we have a Christmas tree”?
     “ Honey, you know we can’t afford it.”
     “ Yes, Mama.”
Although she tried and tried she never got a Christmas tree. Christmas
was only a week left. She had a corncob doll for her sister and she was
going to pick flowers for her mama, but that was all she had. If she
could hardly afford presents, she certainly couldn’t afford a tree.
     On the day before Christmas, a missionary came to her country. Can
you guess what she had? Yes, she had a Christmas tree. The little girl
was so excited. She leaped for joy.  Her dreams came true.

The moral of the story is always believe in your heart, because dreams
can come true.


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