Small Town Meadene

"Scott!", shouted his mother Jennein."Come down for dinner!"

"Be right there", replied Scott. Scott didn't really want to eat he just wanted to listen to his new Sugar Ray CD he had just received fifteen minutes ago at Sam Goody.

"Son, get down here right now!" yelled his dad who was usually off getting drunk and playing poker.

At that moment about to get to his favorite song his dad walked in.

"Would you like to be grounded Scott?"

"No sir" replied Scott softly. Even though he didn't really care. There was nothing to do in the small town of Meadene, Arizona a town with the population not much over a thousand. It was a regular small town, the nicest building in the city was the bank.

"Mom made you some chicken soup so get it while its warm", said his father now calmed down.

"Sorry Dad", "let me wash my hands and I’ll be right there." After dinner Scott went over to Donavon’s house for the night. Donavon was probably Scott's best friend. He was there when Scott broke his arm and couldn't write.

"Scott, did you hear we're getting an amusement park?"

Scott looked at Donavon for a moment then said, "Yeah good one Donny" Scott always called Donavon, "Donny".

"No seriously, Scott they said they would do well here, maybe they know something we don't." "Oh OK here look in the paper" said Donavon urgently.

Scott grabbed the paper and there it was in black and white, "Meadene, Arizona is getting a Six Flags." Scott read on very excited "This is unreal Donny!" screamed Scott now jumping up and down. They finally got to bed at 11:00, early for them. The next day each of them had Basketball games in Phoenix about a 2 hour drive. When they returned after losing the first game and being eliminated from the tournament, houses were being built all along Donavon's Street.

"Why would someone want to live in Meadene?" asked Donavon, "and right by my house!"

"I think it's because of the new amusement park." answered Scott.

"How could they already know that?" Donavon asked superstitiously.

"The Internet? Oh I don't know!"

"Sorry Scott, gees"

"I'm just mad because we lost to that stupid Colorado team 66-24!" Donavon shook his head for a moment and looked out the window

"Holy cow!" Donavon spoke in astonishment.

Then Scott looked, "What in the world?" What they saw blew them away, It was a traffic jam, not just any "traffic jam" this one had cars as far as the eyes could see. "The president?" confusingly asked Scott.

"I doubt that" answered Donavon. "I'm calling Sheryl, maybe she knows what's going on" after those words Donavon ran downstairs to the phone. "OK what';s her number again ? Oh right, 297-6354", "pick up...pick up...yes","Sheryl!",

"She's not right here right now can I take a message?" It was Sheryl's sister Hailey.

"Um,Bye" and Donavon hung up. "darn she's not there."

"So what do we do?" asked Scott still staring at the traffic.

"Oh yeah I was supposed to get those new shoes today!" Donavon said stomping and angrily

"Who cares?" Scott replied. "Donny, I'm going home. This is boring" Scott said while picking up his stuff.

"Fine,bye" said Scott wanting Scott to stay.

When Scott left Donavon's house there were people at all the hotels (what little Meadene had) and all the stores.

When Scott was about to walk in his house he spotted a note on the fire hydrant it said, "Scott" so he reached over and picked it up, "

Dear Scott Peterson,

thanks for helping us


Ricky Garrets

"Uh Ok" he was about to throw the note away when he froze. Some thing told him to keep it. So when Scott walked in the first thing he did was put the note in his dresser. He turned around to see one-thousand people standing in front of his house chanting, "King! King!" Scott walked down the stairs up to the door and walked out.

"Oh, it's the king!" they must have repeated that three billion times. Someone handed him a solid gold crown. they put him on some Japanese seat carrier. They took him to the old little part of town called, "The West-side" it was a ghost town where his mom never let him go. They carried him to a big house that must have been owned by a rich family. It was in good shape about a mid-1940's house. They opened the door and Scott saw the most beautiful room. It had million dollar pictures and columns made of gold. As he was staring someone spoke

"This is where you will live forever" it was an elderly man who said this.

Scott replied by saying, "You guys are dumb I don't believe this." No one took another step no one said another word. Until a boy stepped up and spit out a few words, "But you told us to come," Scott thought a moment then he saw Donavon and Sheryl.

They weren't the Donavon and Sheryl he had remembered, their eyes were bright orange. He looked in the mirror and his eyes were still brown, dull brown with brown hair. He took off the crown and set it held it in his hand. "Man, I bet I look like a retard" he thought, but everyone started to clap and his parents walked in. By now the house was full of people. His parents started to clap too then the unthinkable happened, Scott fell 33 feet to the ground off his seat. Everyone stopped and he slowly began to rise. He got up and didn't have a single bruise. He then looked at himself and saw a small scratch on his cheek, but while he was looking it faded off his face. He looked up and out a window. A million people were lined up to see him. The next moment would change his life forever. "BANG...BANG!" and Scott fell to the ground. He had been shot in the heart.

"He was a good man", "Everyone loved him because of his personality" said the man at Scott's funeral. In the Phoenix news the headline was, "Scott Peterson,13, dead after a shot to the heart." At the funeral every single person had a tear on their cheek. "Why? Why our son?" Jennein thought to herself.

Then Sheryl said to Donavon, "He will be back"

"Yes soon, VERY soon."

Everyone went to sleep like it was a regular day. Back at the graveyard in a full moon night, Scott peacefully lay in his coffin.

Suddenly, Donavon and Sheryl walked onto his resting spot with shovels. "Ok it should be about time" said Sheryl anxiously. They began digging, deeper and deeper when they were about to give up..."KONK" they dug around the coffin and lifted it up. There he was lying there dead, but alive. His eyes began to open and Donavon's began to bulge.

"Wow" said Donavon in astonishment. "I'm back and hey alive!" yelled Scott. He stood up and scratched his head. He still had his crown on. Scott didn't look like those zombies or mummies you would see on T.V. Scott looked like he never died and he thought he had never died.

"John McKenzie" he spoke with anger, "John McKenzie must die" Scott was very frustrated while he spoke. "I'm going to bed", he said yawning.

"No,no! stopping Scott said Sheryl.


"Well see you can't let your parents see you they think you're dead" said Donavon interrupting rudely.

"I'm dead?" asked Scott. Donavon and Sheryl looked at each other, "Uh kind of" stuttered Donavon. Then Sheryl said, "Well, see you're immortal",

"Ok" Scott said confused.

They all walked back to the west-side of town were Scott was shot only eight hours ago. Scott walked in and became angry. He began giving out orders, once again Donavon and Sheryl's eyes became bright orange. In five minutes everyone that was there earlier were there again. This time Scott was very demanding. By the third day everyone started to go crazy. Scott made everyone clean up every crumb on the city ground. Anyone who tried to fight back was sentenced to a week locked away to the death sentence. Even Donavon and Sheryl weren't his friends anymore. People tried to commit suicide but Scott's body guards stopped them. Everyone hated Scott by the fifth day. Scott was shot at many times but by now no one had a single weapon.

"I can't believe that jerk" said Donavon.

"Why did we dig him up?"asked Sheryl.

Scott could have cared less who liked him.

Finally, one day after being treated like junk for a month, someone stepped up. It was John McKenzie. He pulled out a weapon no one had seen before, probably because it didn’t look like a weapon. John walked up to the throne as if he was asking for food. He pulled it out, it looked like a cell-phone, but as he took off the back a freeze ball came out and slammed into Scott. Scott laid on the ground for a moment but got back up and shot John in the head. John was very brave, but he should have known Scott couldn’t die. We all thought Scott might settle down a little bit, but of course he was meaner than ever. "Shut up and do as I say" he would scream like this at people. A year had now gone by and a few people were lucky and managed to escape.

Sheryl and Donavon now had a plan to stop Scott. It would require getting Scott out of the house. So the next morning they tried it. "Master, sir" said Sheryl kneeling.

"Yes answered Scott.

"May we show you something outside?" asked Donavon.

"What?" Scott said.

"Just come here for one moment" impatiently said Sheryl. Reluctantly, Scott got up from his chair and stepped outside. Sheryl and Donavon walked him over to the river.

"No what?" asked Scott.

Appearing in the river a submarine popped up and Rick Garrets. "So we meet" , said Rick.

"Yeah, so" replied Scott. Rick pulled out a pair of Sunglasses and grabbed a huge gun. He then pointed it at Scott and "CCRRUSHIING" Scott was gone, disappeared.

Donavon turned around to see a huge green pink haired monster. Rick had tricked Donavon and Sheryl and Scott pulled out his razor sharp claws. "You were going to kill me?" Donavon and Sheryl looked at each other, "Uh no we weren't!" This made Scott furious and he clawed them both across the face. When Scott thought they were dead him and Rick walked back to the house. Bleeding badly Donavon began to rise, and Sheryl got up too. They began to transform into Abominable Snowman type creatures. The two walked up to the house and ripped it completely down. Scott and Rick were running toward the Sub. Donavon chased them while Sheryl saved the people. As the submarine was about to take off a little boy threw Donavon a Dynamite stick. Donavon then threw the stick onto the submarine and seconds later it exploded and Scott and Rick went flying into the stars. The town was saved and people then lived a normal life. One-million people stayed while the others were frightened, the Six Flags is finished Donavon and Sheryl are the rulers of the world.


Linds--AGE 13

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