The Cat's Meow

Once upon atime there was a mother and a baby cat. They were walking in the
forest. The kitten said, "mom how come the animals have special sounds, and
we don't? Mother cat said,  "I don't know."  " why don't you think of one."
Kiten said, " ok I will" " what about oink oink?" Just then a pig said, "
already taken." "Then what about woof woof?'' said the kitten. Already
tooken said the dog.''  " What about bah bah???'' " already tooken.'' Said
the sheep. ''I don't know  then" said the kitten as it ran to theforest,
crying. When it was running it could't  watch where it was going. It landed
write on a nail. ''MEEEEEEEEE OWWWWWWWWWW!'' Yelled the kitten. Tje mother
cat came running to the cry of it's baby. The mother said," What happened"
Mee Oww.'' Whined the kitten. "How did you get hurt?" asked the mother. " I
stepped on a nail."   " Wait that's it mom" "Meow,  that can be our special
sound."  The mother and baby cat went to the city to tell the other cats and
kittens, THE SOUND. When all the cat's and kittens knew, all of them
including the mother and baby, danced down the streets singing to the sound
of the mother and baby sayimg Meow......

And that's the story of hot the cat got  it's meow.

Kristy --AGE ??

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