A Perfect Day

Perfect days are hard to come by, and can be spoiled by just one small
detail.  Most of all, you have to make your days how ever you want them,
perfect or not.

    To start, my absolutely perfect day would have no planning to it on my
part.  I would get up to the sound of suttle waves splashing up upon a sandy
beach shore.  My apparel for the day would be laid back, a pair of swim
trunks maybe, and I would definitely not do my hair or brush my teeth.  As I
exited my cabin, I would be greeted with the smell of fresh fruit and bacon
laid out under an umbrella on the beach shore.  I would take my pick of only
the food that I wanted and then go lay in a hammock stretched out just
perfectly between two palm trees.  After completing breakfast, I would
prepare my small two person sailboat and ride out in the breeze that was
blowing just right in the direction that I wanted.  After I reached a good
spot and my anchor was dropped, I would open up a book to read.  The book
would thrill me as long as I wished, then I would dine on the lunch that had
been packed away for me in the cooler.  My vessel and I would then journey
back to the island.  I would lay again in my hammock, napping, until dinner
was served.  After dinner, a breathtakingly beautiful sunset concludes my
perfect day, as I lay upon the beach drinking the beverage of my choice.
That would truly be my perfect day.

Joel --AGE 13

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