One day while walking along the sand,
I saw a pony as big as my hand,
She looked at me and said, "I'm lost",
I said,"I'll help you at any cost".
I picked her up and stroked her fur,
It was soft and brown and I loved her.
I asked the pony,"What's your name?"
She answered "Coral" and seemed so tame,
"Come home with me,"I kindly said,
But she looked at me and shook her head,
And ran away without a sound,
Leaving tiny tracks along the ground.
One day I answered a knock at the door,
No-one there,so I looked at the floor,
And there she was!-My friend Coral,
That's the end and here's the moral.
If  you meet a tiny horse by the sea,
You will live most happily,
And if the small horse runs away,
You will meet again some day.



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