What I'm Thankful For

     I am thankful for my pet. I have a Pekingese Puppy named Posh. She
is 1 year old. Her birthday is April 29, 1998. I got her in the summer
of 1998. She is beautiful. Her belly is a light yellow. Her tail curls
around her like a pig and is white with black in it. The top of her is
blond. She has a black face. Her nose gives you the impression that she
ran into a wall. She has round black tipped ears.
     I named her Posh because she is a Pekingese and "Pekingese" begins
with "P", so I wanted her name to begin with "P", also. So, I looked in
the dictionary under "P". I came across the word "Posh". I means
"Elegant and fine in apperence; Sassy". I remembered that in a book I
read about Pekingeses it said that Pekingeses are sassy and have to have
their own way. I thought to be the perfect name for my Pekingese. I also
thought that she should have a full name, like people. Her full name is
Pricilla Elizabeth Page, but I call her Posh. I later discovered that
she fits the description pefectly.
     I think the reason why she is so special to me is because of the
time I got her. When I got her, I had a 14 1/2 year old, sick, Miniature
Scnauzer that I loved so much. It was old sick and everyone knew it
wouldn't live much longer. I wanted another dog to help take the place
of the one I was about to lose. We had been looking for a dog for this
reason. We looked in the paper and we called breeders. We finally came
across a Pekingese breeder. They lived in Hoobs, New Mexico. That very
night we learned about them, we drove down there to look. We came across
a fawn sable colored, 6 week old, female Pekingese puppy. We loved her
instantly. We bought her for $150.00.
     I am so thankful to have Posh. When I'm sick and not feeling well,
she walks over to me and then lays down and stretches. She is so funny
that I just laugh, and it always makes me feel better. When I want to
feel needed, she, as if on cue, will walk over to me and lay down for me
to rub her tummy, or bark for a walk. She brightens my day. At night,
when I pray, I thank God for Posh, because, I am thankful for my pet.
                                 ~THE END~


Allison --AGE 10

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