You're You, I'm Me

Youíre you, Iím me,
Thatís the way itíll always be.
Thereíll never be a you and I,
The thought of that made me want to cry.
You use to be my one and only dream,
You never cared, thatís what it seemed.
I think thatís the way its suppose to be,
Iíll never get you, youíll never get me.
You say Ďallís fair in love and warí,
But its my heart not yours thatís been sore.
Iíll live through this, its just a broken heart,
I need time away from you, we need time apart.
Iíll be over you, Iíll move on,
Maybe youíll want me, but Iíll be gone.
All I know is weíll never be together,
Weíll never have the togetherness that I hoped would be forever.
Thatís the way it was meant to be,
Youíre you, Iím me.

Celine --AGE 13

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