(Note from the Author: This is my entry for your contest it's titled, What if Your Room Left You?. It is about how good we americans have life, and how little we think about  not having the things we need. Enjoy!   Clare)

There is always a bed to lay on,
And always a window to spy from.
Always a closet to hang my cloths,
Almost always a tissue to blow my nose.
Always a stuffed cow,
These I confess, no, I vow!
My room is the place I call my own,
After all that's where I keep my phone.
I can come here any time,
With out a reason or a rhyme.
When I am sad
Or when I am mad
My room cuddles me in its arms,
And keeps me from harm.
Sometimes I think what if my room up and left?
Ran away and took my hope chest.
If all the dependable things were gone.
If I got up at dawn
And they were not there.
It would not be fair!
I'd have to live on the corner,
And I'd be a mourner.
Because I'd have no room to call mine.
I would be upset all the time.
I know it seems crazy,
Nevertheless, if your room left you wouldn't be sunny as a daisy.
If my room left I'd have no home,
I'd probably have to bunk with the garden gnome.
Once and a while think how good we have it.
If you had no room when you woke up tomorrow you'd have a fit.
So the next time you're snuggling under the covers at night,
Hold on to them tight,
Moreover, remember that you're lucky you have so many things.
Don't take advantage, or they could fly away on wings.



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