Under the Rug

  One day in Centerville, life was quiet and peaceful.  The
Thompson family always slept in, except Mr. Thompson.  He was the
first to see the holes.

 Every morning when Mr. Thompson woke up there were holes in
the floor.  The holes were as big as his head and went right through the
wood  floor.  He fixed them each day with metal between the two layers
of wood.  But the next morning, Mr. Thompson  saw new holes in his
floor that were bigger than the last ones.
One afternoon he walked into the house, after a meeting at work,
and saw a lump crawling under the living room rug.  He tapped it with
his foot and it bit through the wood and appeared somewhere else.  Then
he lifted up the rug and he had such a scare.  A black and brown termite
as big as a racoon was under the rug.  It had six red legs and itís claws
were sharp like knives snipping away at the wood.  It turned and looked
at Mr. Thompson with itís red, glowing eyes and disappeared into the
wood.  He dropped the rug, ran to the phone and called the exterminator,
Mr. Sprayenstomp.

While he was waiting for Mr. Sprayenstomp, Mr. Thompson got
his nine iron and sat in his leather chair waiting for the termite to come
out.  Suddenly, he heard the doorbell ring.  When he opened the door he
saw a tall man with an insecticide tank on his back attached to a long,
pointy sprayer.  He had a big, black, metal helmet that protected him
from the spray.  He had big, metal cleats on his feet.  He looked like a

 Mr. Sprayenstomp asked Mr. Thompson to go outside while he
sprayed the termite.  While Mr. Thompson was outside he could hear the
banging and clashing of the exterminator hunting down the humongous
bug.  Finally, the exterminator found the red-eyed bug and unleashed his
poison.  After he thought the giant bug was dead he stomped on it with
his big cleats.  Mr. Thompson was thankful to Mr. Sprayenstomp.  They
both thought that the termite was history.

 But the next day, Mr. Thompson saw even more holes and the
lump under the rug was four feet bigger.  The termite was uglier and
meaner than ever!

 Panic-stricken, he called his next door neighbour, Mrs. Largearse.
While Mr.Thompson was waiting for her to come to his home, he sat in
his rocking chair with his driver waiting for the termite.  Suddenly, Mrs.
Largearse kicked the door down and squeezed her thick, bulky body
through the opening!  She had on a black and green camouflage army
helmet.  On her feet she had black, mountainous, leather boots.  And on
her body she had on a mammoth size pink dress with little red flowers on
it. She tossed two dinosaurian bags of chocolate chip cookies on the
ground.  With two spatulas, Mrs. Largearse slid the cookies under the
rug.  While the termite was eating the cookies, Mrs. Largearse jumped
into the air and landed on the termite!  BOOM!  All the cookies flew
out from under the rug like bullets, knocking Mr. Thompson back into
his leather chair ten metres away!  The termite got flattened into a
pancake.  Mr. Thompson was thankful for Mrs. Largearseís help.  They
both thought the termite was dead.

 But the next day, the termite was eight feet bigger!
 Mr. Thompson was so scared when he saw the beast he ran
outside.  Just when he got outside a newspaper hit him in the nose. . . . . .

. . . . . .  SMACK!  There stood Little Bobby Shootemup, the paper
boy.  He was a small boy with a pair of black running shoes on his feet.
He had on a red T-shirt,  green shorts and a blue baseball cap.  He
carried two holsters with pellet guns in them. He spoke in a squeaky,
stuttering, little voice, ď S, s, so sorry, Mr. Thompson.Ē  Mr. Thompson forgave him
and asked him if he could fight off the red-eyed termite for him. He
nodded, then pulled out his pellet guns so fast he ripped his pants. . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . RRRRIP !   Then he started shooting the termite.
Suddenly a piece of exo-skeleton knocked one of his pellet guns out of
his hand sending Mr. Thompson and Bobby smashing threw the door. . .

. . . . . . SMASH!  They flew across town. . . . . . . . . .

AHHHHHHH!  The next day the termite was twelve feet bigger!

From a pay phone, Mr. Thompson called Mr. Armstrong, the
mover.  He went to move the Thompsons out of the house.  Suddenly the
ground began to shake.  Then . . . . . . . . . . . . . BLAST!  The
termite flew straight through the floor of the house!  The mover threw all
the wood furniture at the creature.  It was an endless match.  No one
knew who was going to win.  BANG!  BOOM!
BAM!  There was wood furniture flying in every direction.
Suddenly, the termite disappeared!

  Life was quiet and peaceful again.  The house sat waiting for itís
new owners, the Chelmecki family.  They moved in and thought this
would be a very nice house.  But they were wrong!


....................The termite became MEGAMITE!!!

by Christopher, age 10

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