The Vampires That Live Next Door

 Sandra and her twin sister Sadie live in a small town in Kentucky
called Lexington.Lexington is a very quiet town it is so quiet town that
in the night the only thing you hear is the cars passing by.    The
family across the street  had just moved and after a week a new family
moved in.Sandra and Sadie where very excited.

 "What if the family has a girl in their family",Sandra said excitedly.

 "What if the family had a boy are age,"Sadie said.

 "Sadie,you always think about boys,"Sandra giggled.(Sadie is only 14
and had three boyfriends already.)

 "Oh be quiet,"Sadie shouted.Your just jealous.

 "No,I am not,"Sandra yelled.

 "Girls,stop that yelling,"Mrs.Hannah yelled at Sandra and Sadie.

 "Why don't you go over and find out,"Mrs.Hannah suggested

"Ok,we will,"Sadie said

 After dinner Sandra and Sadie Went to the new families house.

 "Sadie,you knock on the door," Sandra commanded.

"Your a chicken Sandra,but I will knock on the door because I was going
to any ways,"Sadie said back.

Sadie pressed the huge button on the door.After one minute of waiting, a
tall slender woman with black frizzy hair dressed in all black answered
the door.
To be continued.......


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