Find in You

                                                     You don't think the way I do
                                                you've got your own points of view.
                        We don't see eye to eye on many things
                                                Even if we try.
                      I find in you what I don't in me
                                                And hope I never see.
                     So you be you and I'll be me
                                                It's okay if we disagree.
                      I'm learning more and more each day
                                                I'm thinking about things you say-
                       Why you do the things you do
                                               and why you are the you that's you
                        Find in you what I don't in me
                                                things I'll never see
                        So you be you and I'll be me.

                                       A Bird's Song

              I love to hear the birds sing their beautiful song,
              making me feel like nothing can go wrong.

               It makes me feel special to hear this song,
               as if I could listen all day long.

               Sometimes if you look up in a tree,
               you might see a baby bird, maybe two or three.

               They're a beautiful gift from God, it's true,
                as they spread their wings in the skies so blue.

               When some people hear the song of a bird,
                it makes them think of God's Holy Word.
                For God created all animals,
                and every beach's shells.

                The magic of a bird's song is bid,
                 for it is not fake, like a wig.
                I will always love to hear a birds sing,
                for in my ear it will always have a beautiful ring.

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