My Maria

by Deanna Laderoot, age 13

    Maria was born with a purpose in life,
    And wasn't degraded with worry and strife.
    She was happy and free in all that she was,
    With a laugh fair and soft like a light piece of fuzz.

    She lived to be six and had soft, golden hair,
    She'd jump and she'd skip with hardly a care.
    She spread joy and peace from just being her,
    If you were sad or hurt, she was the cure.

    Until one day a collision took her life,
    It was a man in a car, just him and his wife.
    They didn't see us in time, we tried to get by,
    I saw the impact from the corner of my eye.

    What I saw next, it's hard to remember,
    The road was icy in the middle of December.
    I checked to see if my little girl was okay.
    There was blood all around and I cried in dismay.

    The medics they came, but not in time,
    I saw this accident as a horrible crime.
    I was in so much grief and in so much pain,
    I tried to find him, but I was trying in vain.

    A couple weeks later I saw him at home spreading tar,
    I knew it was him from the dent in his car.
    I was ready to kill him right then and there,
    But when I formally met him I saw it not to be fair.

    He had tried to find me but in the ambulance I went,
    I knew that's what he said and that's what he meant.
    He said he was sorry and asked what could he do,
    I could tell he was worried that I would sue.

    I said do not worry, it's not your money I desire,
    I would like if you could just put out the fire.
    He was puzzled so I further explained,
    When I asked for his friendship his expression looked pained.

    I asked what was wrong and he said what would I do,
    If God did to me what he's doing to you?
    I said what I never dreamed I would say:
    God does great things every day.

    He asked how I could say that, my girl was my world.
    I said in the midst of it all a truth was unfurled.
    Though tragedy strikes with merciless hate,
    People can't mingle with a directed fate.

    And even though I lost all that I had,
    I knew there was no use being sad.
    I said every person has a purpose on earth,
    And they start on this quest from the moment of birth.

    My little girl's purpose for being born to me and her mother,
    Is that no matter what we should love our neighbor like our brother.

    He said you are right, you are a wise man,
    I'm going to be friends with everybody I can.

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