My Knowledge Made Me Shy

by Lucy Lababo, age 12 (Philippines)

    I knew that
   God has given me,
   The knowledge
   that I need.

   I spoke, recite and
   Race my hand;
   To answer the
   Questions of others.

   In times we'll have
   Our exams,
   I answer well
   And always got perfect.

   I then became a
   Popular student,
   In our school
   Because of my knowledge.

   But there's one day
   That I couldn't forget;
   I answered the
   Question wrong.

   Classmates of mine
   Laugh at me,
   And my eyes began
   To fall some tears.

   I sat in a corner,
   Talking to my self
   Like a crazy one and
   very, very hurt.

   Oh why, Oh why
   Almighty God
   Of mine,
   My knowledge made me shy.

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